Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Madness!!

It's Monday!! YAY! I love Mondays....a new week, a new beginning, and a week closer to being in our house! Hopefully, this is the week! We are getting our carpet I'm sure you all know since I've said it a thousand times! I am just so excited. It is so nice seeing things getting done. I will post pictures over the next couple of days to show everything we're getting done. Like the grouting on my tub Phil did this weekend. It makes the tub look SO good! I will try to throw some in of the kitchen again since we have the refrigerator in and hopefully the stove today too!

I got up at six and ran, took my shower, then I changed the sheets on our beds, started the laundry, cut the two older boys hair, made bread, and now I am working on getting some school samples faxed over to the boys contact teacher. I LOVE GETTING UP EARLY! You get So much done and it makes you feel So good! It good be the endorphins from running too. hehe They make me a SUPER happy person. Plus it's nice to have quiet time in the morning with the LORD before the boys get up.....that ALWAYS helps! So, this is my life. We're waiting for Phil to get home from court and then we're going to head over to the house and start working. The carpet people should already be there! YAY!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Friends!

So, yesterday was my best friends birthday. Her name is Natasha Rae Brandt and she is the cutest thing! She is always kind and sweet and never has a mean thing to say about anyone. She has been there for me through many things and we talk almost every day! I met her about 4 1/2 years ago for the first time. Her husband and Phil had met at Fairbanks Police Department where Allen was a new Police Officer and Phil was the Chaplain(this was a year before I met her). Phil attended their wedding and then started having a Bible Study with Allen at their apartment. Phil invited them to our Annual Fall Party and that is where I met Natasha! I still remember her in her flannel shirt and pig tails! She was SO cute and super nice.....a little shy since she came by herself and didn't know anyone but Angela and Phil!

What began as a random visit to someone's house began a TREMENDOUS friendship! I don't know what I would have done without her the last 4 years. We've been through so much together and I remember her there those days when I just couldn't handle life. She's sat with me while I cried, laughed with me, danced like crazy with me, told me to straighten up when I'm having a bad attitude, and even given me fashion advice ( thanks.....I really needed it). We have gone to Hawaii together, been pregnant together, gone fishing together, shopping together, sleepovers together( when our hubby's left us for Chitina), played cards together( and beat the guys)!!! , we've even had a few little spats together. Even through all that.......we're still friends. She means a lot to me and I just wanted everyone to know that I have one of the BEST FRIENDS EVER!

So........HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATASHA! I hope it was a great day!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

So, my hubby is home! YAY! We have been busy since the day he got home getting back into getting everything done for our house! We are getting it done for sure! He is back to work for today and tomorrow ( 12 hour days ) :0( So, the boys and I are at home getting our stuff done and waiting for the Home Depot delivery guys to give me a call so I can go meet them to drop off our dishwasher and microwave/hood range! I got some laundry done already and I am working on getting some stuff ready to take over to the house too. Mainly kitchen stuff that can be moved into the cabinets. I will be working on getting the rest of our stuff slowly moved over after some of the carpet is done! What else? Ummmmm.....not too terribly much. Just cleaning, moving, and the daily stuff I always do! Not to mention trying to fit in working out again. I'm back at the running and planning on doing the Midnight Sun Run again and then the North Pole Half Marathon in August! We'll see how that all goes! Happy Friday everyone!