Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reuben's B-day!

I just had to post what I  bought yesterday! I got his cute lego ice cube tray to make candy lego molds for the tops of Reuben's b-day cupcakes. I have been eying it for some time and I am probably more excited than the boys will be. I know it will get tons of use! We will be celebrating his b-day in Ninilchik with my parents! They're SO cute!

Here's where I got the idea from! She has some COOL stuff!!!

Check it out!

I also plan on buying this one!!!! 

Big News!!!

Well, for all of you who don't know......Phil has been accepted into the Army as an Active Duty Chaplain. You know we have been praying for God's will for some time and decided to just let Him work instead of pushing. Our God is faithful and true!!! All the doors have just been flung wide open and despite all the challenges and long road ahead we are on our way! God had to work through some difficult circumstances to change us and mold us into what we needed to become before He could use us!

Phil will be leaving roughly around September 16th. or 18th. for Officer Basic Training. He will be gone approximately 3 1/2 months and will be home the week before Christmas. As Ang told you, we are selling our house to them which is a HUGE blessing for us and them! As I said the LORD is working  everything out perfectly. It is all coming together so smoothly. We are going to be moving out and handing the house over by the July 1st. We are moving into our church's parsonage which they were so kind to let us use until we leave. We are selling most of our stuff and are going to re-outfit once we get to where we're stationed. Since we've had most of our stuff for the 10 years we've been married it is about time to get some new things.

The boys are excited and sad at the same time......leaving everything they've ever known......but they know that we need to do what the LORD asks and He will bless us for our obedience. They are such sweet boys. They have been helping a lot and are just as happy about it all as we are.

We have big plans this Summer since it will be our last one here for who knows how long! We are heading to my parents in Ninilchik for a week or maybe longer in July. We are going to Chitina in late July or early August with some guys from Phil's work.( He took them last year and the two older boys and they had a blast) Phil and Josh are going sheep hunting in August! ( Josh should be kissing my feet for awhile for letting him go with Phil AND use my four-wheeler :0) 

Phil is going to quit his job sometime this Summer after we have all the details from the Military. So, we will get to spend some time with him before he leaves. I will probably go down to my parents for a while after he leaves and Angela has the new baby. It will help the boys cope with Daddy being gone having Papa around and it will be nice to visit some with them before we leave and don't get to see them as often! The hardest part about leaving to do the Lord's work is leaving all of the people we love and have grown up with..........but the Lord never said their wouldn't be sacrifice involved did He?!  Anyways, not going to get into that or I will start blubbering.

We are excited to see what the Lord has in store and how He will use us. I am going to start posting more often and keeping everyone updated as to how things are going. I will be posting pictures often too and that way I can look back and see it all someday. I may even start scrapbooking our new family adventure!!!! I just have to say how tremendously overwhelmed I am by God's love and how He saved two sinners and has been molding us for this specific ministry for some time. I can see His hand in it all and have an amazing peace knowing we are doing what God wants!


We are going out to Angel Creek Cabin this weekend for a couple of days! We are going with Josh, Ang, and McKinley and are going to four wheel in to the cabin. The boys are SO excited! We have all our food pretty much ready to go and today we are getting the camping gear out. We are going to do a little hiking and playing in the creek and just enjoy some time in nature with the family. It should be exciting and I will have pictures to share when I get back!!! I have some on the camera now but don't want to go get it right at the moment. I know, I know, lame!!! You'll just have to wait! Anyways, I thought I would update and let everyone know a little of what's going on around here. I will write more soon!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My New Obsessions!

As I said....I am in a new blog stalker!!! I had followed this blog years ago and now what a hit she is! She has some awesome recipes and when a friend of mine told me about her again the other day I was on the computer right away.....stalking. Anyways, here's a new cookbook of hers I am dying to get! You might start seeing more posts like this as I am now doing the Amazon Associates thing on my blog!

Awesome Giveaway and Blog!

So, I am totally a Food Blog Stalker. Anyone that posts about food.....I follow. I am SO going to learn more about photography, JUST so I can take awesome pictures of the food I make! Mouth wateringly good pictures! Anyways, here's the link!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day!

I have the sweetest boys in the world. They tell me everyday how beautiful I am ( when I look my worst). They go out of their way to do sweet things for me ( like help with the little boys). They always give me hugs and tell me they love me. I am SO blessed to have such wonderful kids. They aren't always good but that is part of what makes them mine. They are strange and gross. They tease me like crazy and make fun of me. They also love me unconditionally!!! They always forgive me and they encourage me to have a good attitude and to have fun! I LOVE my boys!

So, after Jonathan went to town yesterday with Ang he brought me this beautiful rose home! He is SUCH a sweetie! He has a sweet attitude and heart about helping ( almost always). He is turning into a young man and it's happening all too quickly.

David is my funny boy! He always makes me laugh. I can't stop cracking up at the things he says. This morning before my run he looked at my running pants ( which are too long for me) and said " You'll grow into those pants Mom". I told him I was done growing and he acted extremely surprised. He is hilarious! Love him!

Jesse is my wild child!!! He is my rebelious, outspoken , and just downright ornerie one! He is also adorable, and sometimes sweet, and occasionally overly loving. He needs constant affirmation of our love for him. So cute!

Reuben is my sweetheart! He is always loving and kind. He has a VERY sweet attitude about everything. He is growing up so fast and still loves his momma like crazy! I love it! He gives me such sweet hugs and kisses all the time! He is SO cute!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jonny's B-day Party!

Well, as you can see it was quite the party! The ice cream cake looked delicious!!! They had a good time. We decorated marshmallows and the kids REALLY liked doing that. I have a new craft the boys and I are gonna do. It looks super fun! I will post pictures after we do it. We are waiting until after school is done! Enjoy!