Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boy's Birthday Picture!!

 Jesse Talon
 Tristan Phillip
 Davy and Ramsey
 Ang's Caterpillar Cake
 The Birthday Boys!
 All the kids!
Davy is crazy!

Days 9,10, and 11....

I am getting behind keeping up with all that has been going on. Monday was Davy's birthday and we stayed home most of the day. I went to town that evening to pick up a freezer with Josh. I only paid 125.00 for it so that was nice. We are going to sell our old one for the same amount. That will be nice.

We went to town on Tuesday. We got up SUPER early and were in town by seven thirty. We got the truck alignment done, went grocery shopping, went to Ft. Wainwright to do insurance stuff, went by the bank, and to Lance and Dana's for a birthday party for the boys. We had pizza, cake, and banana splits. The boys had a great time! Josh and Ang got a remote control helicopter for Davy and some puzzles for Jesse. Dana had decorated the apartment and got camo party stuff for the boys. It was SO very sweet of them. They are taking good care of us while Phil is gone. We got home around nine that evening and got everything put away and went straight to bed.

Wednesday......we spent the day at home. It was nice to just bum around and not do much. We ended up talking to Phil for about an hour which was nice. Natasha stopped by before church so we got to spend a little while with her. We decorated cupcakes for after church. It was a good day. Jesse sure had a blast. He told everyone all day " I'm 5 today"! He was SO happy. The only thing that would have made it better was to have Daddy here. He is being REALLY good for me so I can't complain.
Off to bed with me now! I worked out and then got a little freaked out by some noises and after writing this I am finally getting a little tired.  Pictures to follow in the morning!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Days 7 and 8

So, I haven't written the past few days on here. It has been nice to just be at home without too much going on. We stayed home most of the day Saturday and then went to Josh and Ang's for dinner in the evening. We had a nice time hanging out with them.

We didn't do much yesterday either. We had church services in the morning and then came home and made pizzas for lunch. The boys wanted Teague to come over and play so they were outside with him most of the afternoon. We went back to church in the evening and then stayed around fellowshipping for awhile. Other than that....not too much going on.

Riley's Birthday Bonfire

We had SO much fun! I took a lot of pictures and didn't get one of Riley. He had so much fun playing with all his friends. Here's the pictures that I got! The one of me was courtesy of Kluane for Phil!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 6

So today went pretty well. It was up and do school, eat lunch with Natasha, talk to Phil on Skype, talk to my parents on Skype, and various other things. I was having a rough day in that I am exhausted. It has been at least a week since I had a good night's sleep. I wonder why?! Oh wait, I have children and my husband is gone.....gotta love THAT combo.

Anyways, it has only been a week and I am wondering what in the world I am going to do for the next 3 months before Phil gets home to keep myself busy. So, I am working on sewing projects, packing various things, starting a 31 day challenge in October, working out, and TRYING to figure out how to lose weight and KEEP it off. That is the biggest challenge of all. I seriously need my good eating habits to marry my workouts and I would be golden. Unfortunately the two act more like brother and sister and have a love hate thing going on!

I am going to start posting pics even if they are TOTALLY random and have nothing to do with anything. My goal is one a day. We shall see how that works out. Anyways, this is as good as it's gonna get......for now anyways.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 5

Well, my day coulda started out better but oh well. Reuben was up ALL night....and when I say ALL night I'm NOT exaggerating. He cried and whined on and off every hour the entire night. He fell on Monday and his pinkie finger went under his hand and he landed on his knuckle. He didn't complain at all on Monday but didn't sleep well Monday night either. He was up about five different times. Last night at dinner the boys and I noticed it was REALLY swollen, hot, and red. I figured I would see if it was better this morning and then take him in if it wasn't. Well, after the night I had I was convinced it was broken. Thankfully it wasn't but I hate going to the Dr.'s none the less.

We got home after awhile and had some lunch and started working on school. I made some chocolate chip cookies and laid Roo down for a nap. I am pretty much past my super sleepy stage so I am just going to finish up school with the boys and get my workout done. I did it last night and I am SUPER sore today already. It will be good to get it in again and I won't be so sore or tired. We have church tonight so that will help. I am sure most of you know by now that we got word from the Chaplain at Ft. Lewis that the platoon Phil is assigned to is set to deploy March or April. That was quite the shocker but we knew it was a possibility and I am just thankful that I knew way ahead of time. It would be harder if I hadn't known.

So, we are praying for the LORD's guidance in and through it all. Thank you for your prayers and for the great encouragement every one has been to me. That's all for my day today!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 4

We are on day four and already I can't believe how well the LORD provides. He has blessed our lives so very much and I continue to pray He will guide us through this new journey. The boys finished their school this afternoon and we enjoyed some light lunch. They went out to play for awhile and I am working on what we will study next in our daily devotions. I am not nearly as smart as Phil is when it comes to explaining things so I may have to study more than usual. It will be good for me.

We are working on slowly getting things packed and I will be cleaning more than usual too I'm afraid. It is easier to do as you go though and the last thing I want is to have to do it all at once at the end. I enjoy cleaning so it won't be that bad. It will keep me busy and somewhat distracted. I am trying to squeeze in time to workout also so that will help with the stress relief and also give me the physical benefits of being healthy.

I told the boys I would fix pancakes, eggs, and bacon for dinner and they seem excited that I am cooking for them everyday. I enjoy that they are happy with the very little I seem to be doing for them. They are taking good care of me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Days 2 and 3

We made it through another couple of days. We had a good Sunday and it was pretty uneventful. My Mom did come to church with us Sunday night which was really nice. We miss that. We went to town with her today and went shopping. It was exhausting but a ton of fun! Things are crazy in my life right now but I can always depend on my Mom to be there when I need her to be!

She is coming to stay the night with me and I couldn't be more excited. I will explain later but there are some unforseen things that came up and I know the LORD is in control. Just helps to have a physical person to hug when you need one or a shoulder to cry on! It stinks being an emotional person. Sometimes I wish I could be tough and strong. I guess I can be in my own way. Being emotional isn't all least I can be sympathetic. Anyways, just thought I would write a little bit tonight. The evening was crazy and I just need some girl time and rest!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 1

We have officially made it through day one. We started out by having some breakfast and going garage saling with Nana. No, I didn't take a single picture all day....too bad! Anyways, we got the boys some lunch at Sams, picked up a few things from Wal-Mart, and headed home. We spent the majority of the time garage saling. It was a lot of fun and we did most of it on Fort Wainwright.

I ended up getting a suitcase and a few new shirts and dresses. The boys got some light sabres for two dollars which was cool......courtesy of Nana. It was nice hanging out with her for such a long time. I miss that. I checked out the base thrift store which was pretty cool. We came home and chilled out since I have had a nasty headache for the past couple of days. I am feeling better now and I am sure will feel great after I get some sleep tonight!!!

Talked to my hubby for a little while and he had already made a new friend. That's easy for Phil if you all haven't noticed. He had made it to his apartment and was enjoying how nice it was. Tomorrow he starts the first week, which is mainly inprocessing and such. Anyways, I thought you should all know what was going on. I shall keep you all updated day by day through this process!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Pictures....

So, we were taking pictures the other day and again last night before Phil leaves. I wanted to have a nice picture to send to everyone! I guess you get a preview. It is hard to coordinate professional pictures when you don't have time to go get them taken. Anyways, I like the homey ones more anyways...or should I say natural....or should I say the chaotic ones where no one will smile or sit still?! Anyways, here they are! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Some new pictures from my new camera! I get to keep it while Phil is gone!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Military Id's

So, we went to Fort Wainwright today to get our new Military Id's. I don't know why I have to look so hideous every time I get a picture taken I have to carry around with me forever!!! Anyways, it was fun!! The boys had a great time on their first Army base. It was surprisingly the same as the last time I saw it.....oh....about 15 years ago!!

We went to Att after that to get new go phones. It is a better price to get two of them and have unlimited talk, text, and web than to stick with a plan from them. So, we have new numbers which I will mass text to everyone next Thursday! I am using my phone until the billing cycle ends that day. I will give both our numbers out. It will take some getting used to having a new cell phone number after 10 years of the same number! Oh well. Just thought I would post a little update!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So I went to town with Kluane yesterday to score some good deals at Joann's. I went for some beads and stuff for a Top Secret Project! I ended up finding this book that I am IN LOVE WITH!!!

It has THE CUTEST little girl dresses and leggings in it. I am planning on at some point making a dress for each little niece of mine. Now, I don't know when that will be but the book tells you how to do it all and gives you the paper patterns in the back. I got it on sale with a coupon so it wasn't as expensive as it could've been.  Then again....if I had just bought it from Amazon....I probably would've saved myself some money! I wasn't thinking that way then though!! Go figure!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm Back!!

We have internet at the house now. It has been really nice. I am back in touch with everyone. Phil was officially sworn in a couple weeks ago and is now leaving in less than two weeks. He flies out on September 16th. The boys and I are enjoying every minute of him! I am posting some pictures of his swearing in ceremony. It wasn't anything fancy but it is a huge step of commitment to the military. They own us now!

We will be leaving the state December 19th. to head to Washington. We are extremely excited but have lots of preparations that we are making before that gets here. We did get a new camera and I was hoping I would get to keep it but Phil is taking it with him. I am hoping to find something cheap online so that I have something to take pictures with. Anyways, I will try to post pics up until he leaves. So glad to be back on here updating everyone on what's going on in the McBroom household. That way everyone is staying happy!!! Love you all and we appreciate your prayers!