Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy Busy!!!

We are always so busy these days. Phil gets up around noon and we head over to the house and work til' five when he has to come home, eat dinner, get showered and go back to work. That's after the kids and I have spent all morning doing school and chores so we're ready to go when he gets up!! We are getting things done though and that's good. Gabe has come over once or twice to help get the dirt work finished outside and so that's almost done. We are getting alot of the rough in stuff done and Josh is coming over next week to pull the cable and phone lines through. Lance is probably gonna come over and help with the plumbing and Phil is actually in town right now getting stuff to plumb part of the house. We are having some people come over and finish spray foaming and I am praying Phil will just pay to have someone come sheetrock, mud, tape and paint the place. It would save us SO much time and energy. We'll see though.....he's trying really hard to stay on budget and even though it would take us longer it would save us about eight thousand dollars. Anyways, we're doing good and I'm sorry there's not more to update on! I'll try to borrow mom's camera again and get some pictures to post!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

House Building Update...

Well, I haven't updated for awhile and I HATE not having a camera. We got the insulation around the foundation finished up today. We got the windows and doors in and things are moving along. G.V.E.A. came and hooked up our electricity and we are SUPER excited about that. The H.R.V. people are coming tomorrow to give us the supplies and walk us through how to put in the ducting and stuff. We are pretty excited things are getting done. We are hoping to start pulling wires and hooking up electrical outlets, not to mention getting the plumbers to come get the plumbing done. We have been putting in long days and I haven't worked out all week but I am still SUPER sore from all the shoveling of gravel and hauling blue board. That stuff isn't light I can tell you that. I feel good and I'm happy though and that is what's important. I enjoy working with Phil over there and it gives us some time together. Anyways, I just thought I would let everyone know how the house is going. I will try to start updating more often!!!