Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pink Eye!!!

Well, Reuben has the pink eye....which after a lot of thought I realized the Clarks have probably had this whole time too and just didn't think of it being pink eye because they were so sick with everything else. Anyways, I took him in this morning to TVC First Care and got him some medicine. It helps a lot and it will heal quickly. I thought it would be best since the other boys will probably end up with it too. We were planning on coming to church tomorrow night but we will have to see how the boys are doing. I am tired today and have been feeling really run down. I got up early the last three days and it feels good. I am really sore and tired from working out yesterday too. I am going to try to motivate myself to get downstairs and do it again today but it may have to wait until tomorrow. I hope none of you other people contract the pink eye. I am sure I will have it soon since I am the one that deals with the kids so much. Oh well!! See ya!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, as you all know....I don't personally have sisters but inherited them by marriage. What a sweet marriage it was too!!! Anyways, I talked to Heather today and that was a HUGE blessing. She and I don't talk as much as we used to but I know Heath and I will be the kind of Mo and Kim friends forever type. It was really nice to catch up and plan on doing it more often. I'M SERIOUS!!! I talked to Bek yesterday and she is always a hoot and it is nice to talk to someone who is also overwhelmed by a two year old. I know it's bad but I always feel better knowing it isn't just me with a little monster running around. She will always be my Velveeta shells and cheese....whatever soda we're into at the time sister. Then there is Ang.....what can I say about Ang....she is always here when I need her and has been a REALLY great friend the last few years. We spend a lot of time together now and it is nice to have a little niece around I can spoil and eventually take on girl dates with me and her mommy. She's my Friday night girly movie sister and a GREAT workout partner. Heidi is a blessing to have around and she is always willing to babysit and give me a break. We have a good time together just chatting or she will always give me a back rub if I need one. She is and will always be my listening ear and someone I can count on to always be there. I just thought I would share my blessings with you all and I am learning each and every day to never take my dear friends and sisters for granted. I love you all and am also thankful for my sisters in the LORD!! I wouldn't make it through life without such great friends. I married into a wonderful family and I am so thankful for you all.

Those Sisters in the Lord that I love are named: Natasha, Dawn, Kluane, Laurel, Tori, Lanae', Kassandra, Laurie Clark, Kim McBroom, and many others. Thank you all for being such wonderful friends!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


For some reason even when I was little I have always loved Fridays. Now as an adult I love them for different reasons. Here are some of them....

1. It is the newly set aside day to spend with Ang and McKinley and even sometimes Josh!!!!
2. We only have one more day of Phil working and the boys doing school.
3. It is our movie night which is always a favorite around here.
4. I get to workout with Ang!!! One of my favorite things to do!
5. We only have one more day of baths until Monday!!! That seems silly but with four boys you enjoy a day off!!
6. No chores on Friday compared to the rest of the week!!!

Anyways, I know it seems silly but I love Fridays. Angela and McKinley are going to come over later and Ang and I are going to workout. We are going to get our showers done and eat dinner and then they are going to come with us to Revival services. We are then going to come home and put the boys to bed and watch a movie. I may even splurge and rent a couple!!! I just thought I would share my enthusiasm for Fridays!! Love you all!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


We are doing much better. The boys are still recovering but I feel a whole lot better. We are enjoying the week of Revival services at Badger Road. It has been a blessing to go all week. Phil went back to work yesterday and he isn't able to come so I am just attending with the boys. We are working on getting back into the swing of things and we are going to change schedules next week. Since Phil leaves at 6:00 for work I can put the kids to bed earlier and get to bed earlier myself. I am sure everyone will be happier on that schedule. Anyways, I just thought I would update everyone. I hope all of you guys are doing better. I know this sickness is going around a lot. Stay Well!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


we've had it for a while now. The kids are getting a little bit better but we'll see. I feel a little better today but not a whole lot. The little Sabre kid is still worse than the rest of them but Davy is in second as far as bad goes. He lost his voice for the most part which is bad but also good since he can't get as loud as normal. Jonny is doing just fine and Jesse is just now coming down with it. YAY!!! sarcastically she says. Anyways, Phil seems to be holding his own and we are going to have some down time soon. Mom and Dad were here this week and Mom got sick too. She sounds terrible. We had a really nice visit since there was no Revival and we didn't have anything particular to do. I was sooooo glad they still came. I really needed it this week particularly. Well, I hope you are all doing good and just wanted you to know we are still alive. We probably won't be seeing you as often so I will have to do better about keeping in touch. Love you all!!!