Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost finished!!

I can't believe it is almost done!!! We got the boiler tuned today and all went well and didn't cost us as much as we thought it would. Phil called the realtor and we're waiting to hear back from her. We should know the closing date today or tomorrow. I can't wait. I am soooo excited about getting everything moved and the house cleaned. The garage is practically empty and all we have left is the house which is a blessing since it's been snowing for two days. We are taking a check by the realtors tomorrow to put our earnest money down on the land!! I am just so thankful everything is going so far that is! I plan on keeping you all updated but may not get to as often as I want since we will be moving and having to rehook up our internet and home phone. So if you need me call my cell!! Love you all!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Actually...not so much! I just can never think of anything for a title. Anyways, the appraisal is done and all we have left is to sign papers and the boiler is getting tuned tomorrow morning. We are gonna go into town this afternoon to sign the papers to buy the land!! That is really exciting. The kids are finishing up school and I have some chores to finish up. The people buying the house are coming by this afternoon and Josh is coming over in about an hour to help Phil move some stuff to the apartment. We are gonna do some grocery shopping this afternoon too I think. I hope there's enough time in the day to get it all done. Oh, and Phil is taking me to a M.A.D.D. luncheon on Saturday. I think they may be giving him an award or something for all his D.U.I's. I'll let you know then if they did. Anyways, busy busy around here. I hope ya'll are doin' good. Behave yourselves girls!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Phil's B-day!!

These pictures were from Phil's B-day Party...if you can call it that. We had church all day that Sunday and he had training. We didn't get home until almost nine and the kids didn't even stay up for apple pie. His favorite.....of course it has to have the crumbly top not the pie crust top. Tasha decorated with spiders since she knows he doesn't like them and surprisingly it was really cute. Phil even liked it. Anyways, here's the pictures we got.
Phil opening his one present! that was wrapped. He got peanut butter cups and spice drops from allen and natasha and he got a gift card to prospector from mom and dad.
I don't know if you can see but Jesse blew out his candle for him!

Jesse was singing happy birthday to daddy and jesse!

Phil's apple of them.
Well, that's all...hope you guys enjoyed it. I thought I would start updating more often. Love ya'll.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Selling of the house...selling of the house....

So,, the septic passed with flying colors....the appraisal took maybe five minutes.....and we're closing as soon as the bank says we can....that should be in about ten days. I am working hard at getting things cleaned up and packed. We don't have too terribly much but as you can imagine with six people things tend to stack up. We have been moving as much as we can over to Jim and Kim's as time allows. I am hoping that soon it will all be done. Well, it will have to be!! :o)

The boys and I all have a cold and Phil's schedule is so messed up he probably will get it soon. His back has been bothering him a lot from different things and I am sure moving doesn't help. He says he's fine but I sure hope it doesn't get as bad as my dad's....which it shouldn't if he's good. Anyways, I thought a little update would be nice. We are VERY excited....OH!!!! Which reminds me....we found a piece of land that we put an offer in on. It is down the road from Travis and Laurel and right next to Brian. I will take pictures and post them if we end up getting it. It already has a driveway and hole big enough for the house we want to build. We are really excited about that! It is just under two acres. Anyways,,,,,hope you guys like hearing about all this stuff cause that's probably what we'll be talking about for awhile!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey Ya'll.....

Well, the inspection went very well. We are waiting to hear back from the realtor. We are expecting to close on Nov. 16th. but we are hoping that we can do it sooner. We are supposed to have the well and septic test done this week but it is Wednesday and we haven't heard anything. Everything is moving along nicely though. I am working on packing everything that I won't need for the next year into boxes and we have started looking at land. We are hoping to purchase a piece before winter. We will clear it during the winter if we need to. Phil is already making house plans and super excited about it. He is planning on doing a lot of the work himself. He really likes these kinds of things. I am just hoping it goes good. Well, just thought I would update.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Well, the inspector was here on Friday and everything went really well. We have a few little things to fix but nothing major. We have the septic and well test this next week and then the appraisal. Apparently we could be moving within two weeks. As soon as the appraisal is done we will close. It will be about ten days. I am excited and a little nervous but know that I can get everything done that I need to. I just may let the kids off of school for a few days. They will love that. There isn't too much other than packing....the cleaning won't be that hard. Thankfully I'm able to keep up with it enough that nothing is too terribly nasty. I will keep everyone updated on what's happening. I am REALLY excited though!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

BBQ's and B-day's!!!

So, here's the pictures from our BBQ on Saturday and Jesse and David's party on Monday. They are actually in order this time. We had a great time at the BBQ and quite a good time at the B-Day Party. It was an exhauting weekend to say the least. We always have such a good time with people. We're socialites....what can I say! Here's Phil getting the ribs ready!
The Ribs!

Davy being a monster...go figure

Jesse's cheesy pose these days

What.......cake on Monday? sweet!

I like this pictures and they were soooo yummy!

All of the kebobs

The goofballs

It can only get worse!


Such a cutie!!

Always terrible........what can I say....i'm not photogenic?

The cake...they were supposed to be ships....i'm not good at cake decorating

The pizzas being shown off.

I love this on it and Davy's eyes are crossed...the scary looks natural.

And Another.

Darth Jesse Talon

Josh and Ang

The Brandts

This was hilarious!!!