Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Disaster!!!!!!

Well, we had a really good morning and then disaster struck. We wanted to get the kids something other than toys this year and since (I the mean one in the family who is supposedly the pet hater) we don't keep animals very long Phil and I thought a hamster would be the perfect little pet for the boys and for me.....the one who's going to take care of it. Well, we were all running around getting things ready and I checked on her right before we started opening presents. She was running around and having fun. We had hidden her in our closet since Saturday evening. We finished opening presents and the guys were off downstairs to start the frying of the turkey. I remembered....we forgot the coolest present of all...So Phil and Allen come up and I get the video camera ready and we let the boys open a hamster ball and a teeter totter for the critter. We go in the bedroom for them to find her and all that they find is a DEAD hamster!!!! We felt like the worst parents in the world. The poor little thing was sick and we didn't know it til the boys found her....needless to wasn't a pretty site. Jonny was totally heart broken and took all day to get over it.....Davy didn't really care. Anways, a new tradition of disasters in the McBroom household. Well, love you all and have a great day. Sprout

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas to you, we are doing great. We had a wonderful day yesterday at the Pioneer's home and have never had so many residents come to one of our services. I think Phil told me there were 23!! Very exciting. It is so refreshing to go to church and think about how wonderful our Saviour is and all he has done for us. I am so thankful for the Word of God and my salvation. It's just so nice to hear about that instead of all the commercialism. We are going to Mom and Dad's tonight for a Christmas Party with the family. I am sure it will be a ton of fun. I just wish Heather and Caleb and Bek, Jeremy , and Susannah could be here. Maybe some year we can do that. We will be down there in three weeks from today. That is going to be sooo much fun. Well, we are busy making crab dip with fresh Alaska King Crab and I am trying to get my candy platters together. Well, I have to go.....screaming baby. Love you all...Sprout

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home Again...for the Holidays!!

Well, I had a wonderful time in Ninilchik. I missed Phil terribly and don't know what I would do without him. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep while there but slept really good last night. I am busy wrapping presents and making Christmas candy. I'm not making all the stuff I usually make but just some Peanut Clusters and Bon Bons. I am sure Josh will be mad that I didn't make pretzels. We're trying a few new things this year just for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I can't not make Crab dip. Then Josh would be REALLY mad. Well, I have to get going and get everything put away and figure out what I have to work with for dinner until I can go shopping. Love you all and so glad to be home. Sprout

Monday, December 3, 2007

Gone for awhile!!!

First of's your picture Aaron. I think Dave looks pretty good here. What about you guys??? Second of all...i'm off to Anchorage for awhile....actually Ninilchik. I am going to go down and help take care of my Mom and Dad since my Mom is having surgery on Tuesday. Please pray for her....she goes in at 7:30 in the morning. Thirdly......I am sooooo excited about Christmas...then New Years...then BEK"S !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just a little excited about that....hehehehe!! Anyways, here's a few more pictures. Hope you all like them.Sprout Out!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, we made it through thirteen weeks of the Police Academy. I'm so proud of Phil for sticking with it and finishing first in his class. I took a bunch of pictures but didn't get any good ones of Phil getting his certificate. I was going to take a picture of it but will have to do it later. The Police Chief Dan Hoffman had some really nice things to say about Phil. Tori and Lanae came and also Pastor and Mrs. Humphrey. It was really neat. One of the officers...Ben Wages...just got a job with FPD and received his badge during the graduation. It was wonderful. Well, without further's the pictures!!! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


2 Days Left!!!!

Sooooo happy. I know Phil is too. Not all that thrilled about the usual. We are all doing really well...well, not Phil.....he's pretty sick. I guess I passed it along. Poor guy. He showed me some really cool moves the other day though. Defense Tactics. They're pretty don't mess with me. LOL! The boys and I are taking Allen and Natasha to the airport later this afternoon. They are going to Michigan for Thanksgiving. We are forcing them to spend Christmas with us. They are going to stay the night on Christmas Eve....we hope!!! Anyways, I am planning on posting TONS of pictures so prepare yourselves. I think the little boys should be on here all the time. I am also having Phil take some pics of me to put on here. I hope that he will do it. Good ones too. Well, I don't have a whole lot more to say. I had better get going. Love you all, Sprout

2 Days Left!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Last Week!!!!! 4 days to go!

Well, we are almost there....I can't wait to be done. I think Phil is getting really excited about being done and being able to have time for other things. Mainly his family. All of us at home are MUCH better but poor Phil has it pretty bad. I hope that it passes quickly for him. We are really excited about the Holidays's my favorite time of year. I LOVE Christmas music....especially at church. It is so pretty and the choir always does such a good job. Well, I don't really have a whole lot to say. I am working on several projects and hoping I can get them all done. I am also trying to work out a way to take care of my mom after she has her surgery. I am sure it will be fine no matter what though. Love you all and miss you.....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here's some Pics for my Photography Class!!!!

Let me know what you all think about them....

6 days left....i think my counting was off

I counted wrong go figure......we're almost done. Only one more day this week and we just have to make it through next week. Phil's final was today. He did really good when I was drilling him last night. He always acts nervous but he knows his stuff. I'll be glad when this is over and we can move on to something new.

OH, I joined an online photography class. I've been working on it in the evenings when the boys are in bed. I am really enjoying it and learning alot. Here are some of the pictures I have done.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Only 8 Days Left!!!

Can you believe it is November? Only a few weeks left until Thanksgiving. I can't believe this year has flown by so fast. It seems like we just had Jesse. Boy it's been a while. We are all doing pretty good. I have had an extremely bad cold for the last four days. It seems to be getting better a little bit each day. Jesse woke up with croup last night so it might make its rounds with the kids again...and then me again. I sure hope not though. We are all very excited about Phil graduating next week. I can't believe that the thirteen weeks is almost over. It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. Well, I don't know about the rest of you but we here in the McBroom house have been waiting what seems like forever to finally see Ratatouille. My Mom mailed it to the boys and we should be getting it tomorrow or Friday. We are very excited. I think Allen and Natasha are going to come over and watch it with us. We're going to have a little party. We hardly ever any more watch a movie as a family....especially a new one. This is huge.....anyways, well, I am going to take a nap and hope that I don't feel so bad when I wake up. Love you all, Sprout

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Only 13 days left.....YAY!!!!

Well, as everyone already knows....because I talk about it all the time....Phil graduates on the 16th. of November. It is really neat. I am going to take pictures with my new camera. I might even put a new one of myself on here. We'll see. Maybe I can convince Phil to take my picture today. Things are going pretty good. The boys are REALLY sick. I can't believe it. Davy is the worst. Jesse seems to be doing pretty good now and Jonny can't seem to shake a headache. The life of a glorious. Actually it's kinda nice when they're calm and lovey dovey. Although I don't really like all the touching and coughing in the face. I know pretty soon I will end up with it too. Maybe working out will help boost my immune system. I started a couple weeks ago and I am loving it. It is really nice having some time in the morning to myself. Phil wants to start working out with me but I don't know about that. He wants to do it in the afternoon but I really enjoy doing it in the morning. It is a nice start to my day. Well, we are getting excited about the holidays. If it would snow more it would be nice. It is forty degrees out right now and windy. Which never happens. I would like you all to pray for my Aunt Beth...she is having surgery on Thursday at 2:00 her time. OKC. My mom will be there on the 8th. Well, I had better get going. I still have lots to do before Phil gets home. Love ya'll.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I miss my Bek and Heather!!!!!

So, I thought I would write a special little something for my Bek and my Heather. I call them mine because I had them before their hubby's. Just kidding I know their yours but you could share every once in a while!!! Sheesh!!! Anyways, when the Holidays roll around and you start shopping for Christmas presents it makes you think of all your family. I am soooo happy I married into one of the most beautiful families ever.....and I don't mean just the way they look. I am talking about their hearts. So here goes....

My Bek,

Do you know how much I miss those girly nights of watching movies, eating Velveeta shells and cheese with chili beans, and drinking Dr. Pepper? Do you know how much I miss those sweet little races to the phone to see if it's Jeremy? Do you know how much I miss going gargae saling and to Wendy's with you? How much I miss the huddling together during another scary movie Phil made us watch? How much I miss the late night french fry runs? How much I miss the days you let me sleep in when the boys were screaming and woke YOU up? I just thought you should know that I think of you more than once a day and that I can't wait to spend some time with you. I love and miss you terribly and hope you forgive me for making you cry....Sprout

My Heather,

Do you know how much I miss our little argument? Our sleep overs? Our dreams of Hawaiin trips? Of talking non-stop about sitting on our porches, sipping lemondade when we get old and cranky? Do you know how much I miss our little coffee dates? Our sitting around the piano singing at the top of our lungs? The little tiffs we used to get into and how mad we would get at each other? Only to see each other the next day balling that we were so mean to the other? Do you know how much I miss reminicing about the paper flying out the car window and the dogs chasing you up the hill? I still laugh hysterically every time I think about it. I so do miss those special times of just sitting and talking about nothing. I miss you sooooo much and hope to spend time with you soon. I love you tons...Piglet

Soooo, I know this might not mean very much to most of you. I needed to do it and I needed you guys to know how much we all miss and love you. Don't forget that just because Christmas is over when I get there we can't still have some Hot Cocoa in our P.J's and talk about nothing.....:0) All my love and thoughts to you all. Jenn

Monday, October 22, 2007

9 weeks down....4 to go!!!

So, we are almost done. I can't wait. I get to go to Phil's graduation on Nov.16th. I will try to take some pictures with my new digital camera. I haven't gotten it yet but it's on sale this week and Phil is going to pick it up for me. I'm pretty excited. My parents gave me money for my birthday to get it. They are so sweet. Well, everyone here is sick. Phil and I have been battling the stomach stuff today and the boys all have a cold. I pretty much feel like puking. I hope it's not the flu. We'll see though. Everything is going good here. Just busy as ususal. I ordered my pictures at Sam's on Saturday so you can all be expecting your pictures soon. Phil is going to pick them up for me this week. My Mom is going to leave on the 7th. of Nov. to go to Oklahoma. My Aunt Beth's brain tumor is really big again and they are going to do surgery on the 31st. My Uncle Chris is going to stay with her until my Mom can get there. She is staying for two weeks and then my Dad is flying down to Kansas City and they are going to meet and go to my Grandpa's for Thanksgiving. He isn't doing all that well right now. We found out he has kidney cancer. I can't remember what they call it. Anyways, after they visit there for a week they are flying to Seattle wher my Mom is going to have back surgery. We are hoping and praying everything goes smoothly. Please keep them in your prayers. Well, this kind of ended on a depressing note but we can always take comfort in the fact that the LORD is in control of it all. I am sure it will work out perfectly according to His plan. Love you all and miss you. Jenn

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm soooooo happy!!!

Did you ever just have one of those days, or several where you were just happy? It was nothing particular that made you happy you just were? Well, today is one of those days. I wasn't very happy when I got up but it is getting better as the day goes on. Just because I'm tired doesn't give me the right to be cranky, right? Well, I'm not today. The boys are being pretty wild today but, what else is new? I called and FINALLY changed our tickets. We are sooooo excited. Especially the boys. They can't wait to be cowboys for a week. We are leaving on Jan. 14Th. and getting back on the 23rd. I guess we are missing Kassandra by one day. Funny, huh? We are going to have alot of fun. I can't wait!! I am glad that the holidays will be over and it will be cold here so it will be nice to get away for a week. Phil is pretty excited too. He can't wait to take our first Family Vacation.
I am pretty much just tryin to get the same old stuff done. The laundry, dishes, floors, and food. It is always fun though. If you plan ahead enough, cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I wonder where that came from??!! I bet you couldn't guess!! Well, I had better get going. I have lots to do today. Love ya'll. Jenn

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, as you can see I really don't have a single thing to post about and I will probably still ramble for a whole page. :0) I bet you all already knew that. Someone once told me(it was Rebekah Humphrey)that I babble all the time but everyone loves me for it. I don't think she was necessarily telling the truth. Anyways, Phil's birthday is this week and he thinks he's getting old. I reminded him that he isn't THAT old. I mean he was only twenty when we got married. Can you believe that? I still have a hard time thinking about how young we were when we got married and how young we ARE now with three little boys running around. Oh yeah, Jesse is walking now too. He is quite the little stinker but an absolutely adorable one too. We aren't doing a whole lot today just bumming. Oh Phil and Ty are trying to work on the four runner Phil bought. I think the Humphrey's might buy it. He has quite the little side business going on right now. Well, I am being forced off the computer by Phil(who is using his police voice that I don't like). Talk to you all later.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just a few pics you've already seen....

Six more weeks....YAY!!!

Well, we made it to the half-way point. I am feels so much longer than it really is. Time never goes by fast when you want it to. It is fifteen above today and the sun is out. I don't know that it will warm anything up though. I would rather it snow than just be cold. We are all doing really good here. Phil is busy as ever and trying to hold down the fort while Paastor is gone. I think things are going just fine....though Phil will sure be glad when Pastor is back. The boys are doing good just growing. Jonny is doing really good at school and seems to enjoy it. Davy likes to sit for a little while and then get up and play. Jesse started walking a little more although he would still rather crawl than walk. He is sooooo cute. Anyways, I am doing good just busy taking care of everyone. Phil took me shopping on Saturday, Allen and Natasha went with us and we were gone ALL day. He took us out to lunch at Chili's. That was really nice. We just did a little Permanent Fund shopping. We got some things that we only get once a year and maily just stalked up on food. You wouldn't think a family of five could eat so much.....but with three growing boys it is amazing how much they can eat. We are working on getting our trip to Texas changed. Hopefully on Thursday I will change the tickets. We are waiting for Pastor to give Phil the o.k. I am sure he will though. I think it will be much better going in January anyways. It will sure be nasty here. It will also be slower for Phil that time of year. Well, I think I have rambled on long enough. Love you all, take care.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Big Surpise!!!

Well, my parents showed up Wednesday night at was so neat. We had a great time while they were here and I am sure they went home exhausted. Not only from the trip but from the boys wearing them out. I think they must have said Nana about a million times. My mom loved it though. It was really nice to see them. I can't wait until we can go visit them some time. I would have gone with them....but poor Phil wouldn't make it without me right now. He is preaching twice on Sunday and it's a potluck Sunday so he is going to have to spend most of tomorrow studying. My do nothing. I think it sounds good. Anyways, I plan on going and seeing them sometime. I just don't know if I want to drive there in the winter. We'll see.

The boys party went great. We had a few little mishaps. Like, I was kinda cranky about a few differnet things. Mainly I was tired. The other was...I went down to get Davy's cake out of the refridgerator in the garage...and Phil thought it would be funny to scare me( he didn't know I was getting the cake)so when I came around the corner with Davy's piggy cake it got a little facial reconstruction. I didn't drop it just flung it over into my other hand. What a stinker!!! Well, they liked it anyways. I am hoping to get some pictures from Heidi of the party. Especially the cake eating part. Jesse was covered. I'm going to see if we can get a new camera with our permanent funds. We'll see about that. Davy loved all his presents and we had a grand ole time. It has been a VERY eventful week and I am glad that we made it through. I can't wait until Pastor gets back....all the hard work for Phil will be over for a little while. Love ya'll....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sooooooo We're in Big Trouble......What Else is New?

So, we called and told Bek we wouldn't be able to come to Texas in October and she was pretty upset.....we felt SOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!! I know she doesn't believe us. I am calling Alaska Airlines everyday trying to get us flights at Christmas you know how hard that is??? I am praying someone cancels their flights and we get our tickets for Christmas. It would work out perfect because Heather and Caleb will be there for a few days at Christmas too. The only bummer would be no Six Flags....oh well, I think it will be just as much fun in December as it would have been in October. Our only other option would be to wait until next spring and we DON'T want to do that. Other than the fact Bek would KILL us we can't wait that long to see her. I guess since Josh and Ang are going down they might be able to last a little bit longer.

Well, things here have been INSANE!!! Jesse Talon woke up yesterday with a fever and today he was sooooo sick. He's had a fever of about 103 all day and he is soooo whiney. I felt so bad. I didn't get much done either. He finally fell asleep on me after dinner. I finished watching Pride and Prejudice and laid him down. I hope he will sleep for a little while. I am sure it would make him feel better. The Humphrey's are leaving this week so we aren't going to be having piano for a couple of weeks. Maybe we can get our van fixed soon. That would be wonderful. Phil and his Dad are hauling wood tonight. I am hoping soon we can start building a fire and keep it going. It is getting cold in the house at night. Actually it pretty much stays cold all day too. It has been about 30 degrees every morning when we get up and it is only getting up to about 60 during the day. Can't complain though....or can I??

Everyone is doing good here. We are having a big party on Thursday for the little Birthday Boys....Davy is sooooo excited! He told Phil he didn't want any presents...How cute is that? He wants a pink piggy cake...can you believe that? Phil wasn't happy his little boy wanted a pink piggy cake. I thought it was cute. Needless to say I have my work cut out for me. I will try to get someone to take pictures and post them on Friday. I think this Saturday we are going to bum around all least that's what Phil says but he is preaching for the next two Sundays so we will see.....We are also having our fifth Sunday potluck this week. I love Potlucks....Bek!!!! Well, I love and miss everyone. Take care...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just Some Fun Pictures


Sappy? You've come to the right place.....

This is for all the girls out there who are as sappy as me. I tell you having kids has only made it wors. I CRY ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!! I am sooooo tired of being a girl sometimes. I would LOVE to just get angry and beat a punching bag to DEATH rather than sit and cry about every little thing. Today is one of those days.....actually i've been having one of those days for a couple days. I can't believe it....and there's nothing wrong with far as girl stuff, you know?? I feel like I sometimes need to go to a toughness boot camp. I don't know what the Lord was thinking when he gave me all these emotions.

I was sitting here this morning...minding my own businesss...RIGHT...looking at Bek's blog.....WHAT A MISTAKE!!! I am sooooo jealous that Josh and Ang are going to be there in less than a week. I want to see my family. Then...again...minding my own business.....I open my big fat mouth. I tell you some days I wish I was a mute. It would literally probably solve all of my problems. Then again there is sign language....I would still be in trouble all the time. Anyways, I am determined to keep my nose in my own business and to stop telling other people mine. I won't go into details but you probably all understand or have been there.

On a good note....all the crying has made me much calmer and I feel a little bit better. But everyone knows, after you cry a lot you just want to lay in bed all day with a bowl of ice cream, some m&m's, chocolate, chocolate, and did I mention chocolate? Needless to say, I am tired today. Somedays just ready to give up knowing that I never will or can because it would only make for a bigger disaster. I am going to get serious right now......but, if i've learned anything being married and having's that the wife/mom can NOT at any time or in any situation get selfish. The minute you do everything turns into chaos. I will admit.....I am human and I do that very thing. I think you feel like silly putty being pulled in every direction and sometimes you break. Then...if you're sit down one day( after threatening the kids NOT to disturb you for ten minutes) and you read the far above rubies your mom sent you and the first thing you read is EXACTLY what you need to hear. So, you cry and feel like dirt, knowing that once again you've come to that point that you're at your lowest, and you pray asking the Lord to take every selfish bone from your body. You know what, He doesn't do that, but He does help you overcome it through lots of prayer, practice, and time in His word. So, even though this sounds like someones sappy story...sorry....the Lord worked in my heart and my life and I just wanted you all to know that....even though you may all be struggling...maybe the Lord has the perfect person, article, or passage in His word to help you through it. He will never leave us nor forsake us. So have a great big happy sappy day. Just like me....Sprout

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

School Is In.....

Well, I can't believe it but my little boy is in Kindergarten.We just started today. Can you believe that time can fly by so fast. Davy and Jesse are turning four and one next week. It makes me want to cry. I can't believe my little boys are growing up so fast. I know I shouldn't's just sometimes you forget how time flies by and how in just a few blinks of an eye they will be grown and gone. I think I sometimes forget to remember to stop and smell the stinky socks, smile when I wash a messy boys face, sit and read to my little smarty pants, and enjoy the blessed times when I was the " Monster Mom". It goes by so fast. I am going to put pictures on next week. I think Phil has a bunch on his computer at work. I might even have a few here at the house. I still need to get the ones from Natasha. I am going to get some printed on Friday and send them out. I will post a few too. I think she is putting them on a c.d. for me. Well, I don't have a whole lot else to say. I made a HUGE banana cake for Phil...i'm going to take some to Mikey too for helping with the computer. Well, I gotta go. Talk to you later.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Scary, Huh?

So, was everyone as scared as me about getting tased? I didn't enjoy watching Phil get tased one bit. Mikey was nice enough to show me how to get the stupid video on here in the first place. I hope you guys are all doing good. We are. Just busy. Today is one of those days that we got up early and it feels like the day is moving in hours instead of minutes. I've been up for three in a half hours already and it feels like it should be lunch time. We are starting some school today. Just working on writing letters and stuff with Davy and Jonny is just going to practice. I have to get Jesse up soon. That little guy sure can sleep a lot. Well, we finally turned the heat on last night for the first time. We've been freezing. I can't wait til' we get to go to Texas and it's warm. I know, I know, I shouldn't be acting like that already huh? I can't help it. I'm almost done nursing and I'm freezing. I've actually already been wearing sweaters during the day. Anyways, not a whole lot going on. Just the normal chores and meal cooking. Oh, and i'm on a hunt for a new car insurance company. That is always fun. I can't stand calling those people. It takes forever and usually there totally no help. Now you always have to call the local ones who don't even open until 9:00!!! SOOOOOOOO irritating. Well, gotta go. Sprout

Friday, September 14, 2007

Blogging 101

Seriously, I need some help here people....I can't seem to figure out how to get this tazing video on here. I went to and they said it was successfully posted and I'm wondering....Where? I don't see it on my blog....maybe it went to someone else's...several times??? I don't know....if you see it let me know though. I am hoping it just takes a while to post on here. It is pretty scary and it almost made me cry....I know, I know, that's pretty easy. I seriously haven't seen Phil that nervous since our wedding...and that was a while ago. Well, if anyone knows how to do all this stuff and can put it in layman's me. Sprout

Phil's Getting Tazed

Well, I hope everyone will take this as a warning to never try to resist arrest. I have talked to several police officers that say this is the longest five seconds of your life. Not to mention Phil said the same thing. Although, most police officers say that getting tazed is better than getting the o.c. spray in your eyes. Phil also did that. I will post some pictures. Not fun. Although, it was a huge learning experience. Well, I hope that you are all doing good. I will see you later. Sprout

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Honey, Honey, Honey......

I have never seen so much honey in my entire life. We did honey yesterday for five hours. It was a huge job. Then I got home last night and tried to boil some wax down to get the honey out of it......well, it decided to boil over and got honey and wax EVERYWHERE.....WHAT A MESS. It took me a couple hours this morning to get it all cleaned up. I am glad I don't have to do that again for a long time. We ended up getting about ten to eleven gallons of honey. We split it with Allen and Natasha....they are the ones that did most of the work yesterday. Mom was sweet enough to let us come over and do it.

Anyways, that was my big adventure for this week. Actually if the weather is nice we are planning to go four-wheeling on Saturday. I am excited about that. We all got up early this morning and got going. Phil and I got up around five thirty and then I got the boys up around six thirty. We are trying to get on a good schedule for school. I don't think he is that excited yet. I am going to work with both the boys and I am finally excited about it. He did have a good time doing piano the other day. He thinks he needs a lesson every day. He's so funny. Phil has been pretty busy these last couple of weeks. He is preaching tonight and Sunday morning. Then he is preaching again seven times while the Pastor is gone. Plus he is going to school forty hours a week. I don't know how he is doing it all. I am trying to help the best I can but sometimes I don't feel that I do much good.

Well, I found out yesterday that my Grandpa Jim is having a biopsy on Friday. They think he may have liver cancer. I would appreciate alot if you would all pray for him. My cousin Layna is getting married on Saturday. That is pretty neat. So I guess most of my Dad's family will be there. Josh and Ang leave in a couple weeks to go see Bek, Jeremy, and Susannah. I think they are also going to get a chance to see Heather and Caleb while they are there too. I don't know if we will see Heather and Caleb when we go down. Busy, Busy, Busy, right now. Things will slow down after it snows though. Well, I miss all of you.....Sprout

Monday, September 10, 2007

True Alaskan Travel

Well, you should all go over to the Humphrey's blog to see our picture. Suprising I know....but they're pretty cute. Phil took all the boys carseats and today was Jonny's first piano lesson....soooooo we improvised. It was actually a very nice little outing. We might continue to do it the next couple weeks if it stays nice enough. Anyways, We had a good time and it was nice to get out of the house. He had a very good first lesson and he is very excited about continuing. Oh, I also need everyone's help trying to convince Phil we need the piano back at the house so that I don't have to take Jonny to the church every day to practice. If he doesn't no big deal just one more thing to do during the day. Or, I may just wait until the evening when Phil is home and he can watch Davy and Jesse while I take Jonny to the church.

I also need to get a new digital camera. I WANT PICTURES!!!!!!!! I have come to love taking pictures. Although no ones believes it...since they never see any. Well, you will all be happy to know that I took the boys pictures the other day with a friends camera...AAANNNDDD...I took our family picture for I am ahead of the game. I will be sending pictures to the Fam in the next few weeks. I put the word Fam in there for my mom!!! :) Happy now....well, I gotta go and get dinner done. Phil will be home soon. Oh, and we're doing the bees tonight hopefully. Well, gotta run talk to you later. Sprout

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Another Day Gone....

Well, yesterday was a REALLY rough day. I woke up at 5:00 with Phil and got him out the door. Then I nursed Jesse and decided to lay back down for a while. Well, I laid down around 6:00 and tossed and turned until about 7:00. I woke up with a migraine headache and took some tylenol. Well, I didn't eat anything with the tylenol because I was already feeling nauseous and BIG surprise I started puking. I threw up for about three hours until I just decided not to get back up for awhile. I put a movie in and layed down. The boys laid down with me and then they went and took a nap. I took a bath and finally decided to eat something around 2:30. I felt a little better but still had a really bad headache the rest of the day. It was pretty scary there for a while. I haven't felt that bad in a long time. At least not with a migraine. Anyways, today is much better although I am still really tired. I did lay back down today and for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks Phil stopped back by and caught me. He wasn't too upset. He had to grab some extra clothes for school. They are getting tazed and pepper sprayed today. I am sure he will be REAL happy when he gets home. I hope it doesn't affect him too much. The boys are doing good. Rowdy as ever. Jesse has been sick so all he wants to do is be held AND cry. I thought the holding would help but it doesn't seem to be. Davy and Jesse's birthdays are in three weeks. They will be 4 and 1. Can you believe that? I can't believe my baby will be one already. Oh Well, time to try for a girl right? Yeah, we'll see about that. Well, I hope everyone is doing good. We will be posting pictures as soon as we can afford a new digital camera. Love you all, Sprout

Friday, August 31, 2007

We've survived two weeks....Only 11 more left!!!

WEll, you can tell I am excited. In about 11 weeks we will be in Texas and Phil will be done with the Academy. He is having a good time but he is pretty tired some days. I FINALLY got all of Jonny's school ordered and we will officially be starting school in one month. We are going to bring some books with us to Texas to read. Well, I don't know if everyone knows but we had our laptop and digital camera stolen from the church. We have been trying to find out if our insurance will cover them and they will but we have to pay a 1,000 dollar deductible and it just wouldn't be worth all the we've left it in the Lord's hands to deal with. He's always allowing things to happen in our lives for a reason....whether we know what it is or not. I am just thankful nothing else was stolen. We are all doing good. The boys are almost over their colds and Jesse's teeth should be in any day now. Davy and Jesse will be 4 and 1 this next month and I am starting to feel OLD!!! I'm getting the baby fever all over again. Especially after holding Travis and Laurel's new baby Tekoa, she weighed 7lb. 40z. or something like that. She is beautiful and SOOOOOO tiny....I wish mine were that tiny. If they keep getting bigger I am in TROUBLE. Anyways, we are scrambling to get wood and our trying to enjoy the rest of our summer. Oh, by the way.....Phil got me a four-wheeler for my birthday. I love it. Not what every girl dreams about I know but very practical and will be fun when he takes me out four-wheeling. The boys thought it was cool and think it should be pink. Although i'm not sure how practical that is. I am going to go get the kids pictures taken next week and will be sending those out soon. You can all applause now, I know it's been awhile....OK, OK, a year....just wait until you have three kids and see how hard it is to get pictures. Especially without a camera!!! BEK???? See, it's her first....that's why there's so many pictures...not to mention she's good at taking them. Anyways, I had better get going, nap time will be over soon. Since I haven't been taking a nap and getting up early i've turned into even more of a Spaz....if you can believe it.Oh, by the way, I left my keys in the ignition today when I went to get my hair done at Angela's ......I looked for about five minutes in my purse until I finally realized I didn't know where they were. AND I DIDN'T HAVE ANY KIDS WITH ME!!!! Now we know I can't blame it on the kids. I"M OFFICIALLY CRAZY!! Did I say that last week? Jenn, Sprout, Little Snot, Jennalynn, Nifer, and Jenny(that one is only for Phil) oh and Wifey. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Can you tell I can't decide what template to use!!!!

You know I am not usually a very picky person...but with this blog thing I can't find a template I like. So, you will have to endure while I experiment until I find one that I enjoy. Well, things around here have been totally insane. We have been getting up at 5:00 in the morning so that Phil can get to the office by 6:00, leave at 7:15 for the police academy at 8:00. He has a one hour lunch break so he can get more work done. Then he usually tries to go back to the office for a little while after class gets out at 5:00. When he got home last night we worked on Reb's truck. ARGGGGG!! That thing is a major pain. I can' t believe Phil has the patience for things like that. Well, usually he does. He didn't have a whole lot last night. I think he was ready to push it off a cliff. I thought it was humurous to just stand back and watch. Although I don't think he thought that was very funny. He is really cute when he's mad. At least when he's not mad at me. (: The boys have all been sick...big surprise....Jesse is also teething which makes motherhood sooooo fun some days. I'm not complaining...not really....maybe a little....I love my boys but when the get up at six in the morning it seems like an eternity before nap time. Needless to say I need to go buy more Kleenex. I am doing pretty good. My birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe I'm only 24....I feel ALOT older than that some days. We're not doing a whole lot...just dinner and some REALLY yummy dessert that my friend Natasha said she would make for me. I guess you're not supposed to make your own birthday cake.....I have done that for the last couple years because I'm sure to get what I want...(: Well, now that you are all TOTALLY bored...I better go. Have a nice nap and day...Jenn

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Guess what....I have a computer at home!!!!

So I guess most of you are totally surprised that the McBroom's have a blog. Well, we do and we are so excited about it.. I love having it and like knowing that you are all seeing my boys and hubby. We got our DSL hooked up today...I did it by myself... and it works. That is amazing...just ask Mikey. Anyways, we are doing pretty good here. Jesse is teething so there is tons of drool around here. His top two teeth are coming through and they are sooooo cute. He is going to look like a big boy now. Phil is going to the police academy everyday. We have been getting up at 5:00 in the morning. He goes to class from 8-5 Monday through Friday. We are going to spend this Saturday getting wood....I am sure all you southerners miss that right? Well, I still enjoy it most of the time and it gives me some time with Phil. Well, I hope you all have a great day and we'll be keeping in touch.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm totally crazy ....does that officially make me a mom?

So I originally created a blog....then couldn't get on it... then created a new blog which is this one. I hope everyone got that. I forgot my e-mail and my password...crazy huh. Yesterday, I went to visit my sister-in-law, well first I went into the wrong apartment building, then I started to go into the wrong apartment. I think someone needs to keep thier doors locked because crazy people like me aren't paying attention to where their going just their three kids. I guess that makes me a total nut that needs locked up. So, anyways, that's me the crazy lady.