Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three More Days!!!

Well, we're leaving in just three short days for Hawaii! We are so very excited. I am almost totally packed and have been for about a week! I got some of the kids stuff packed and I will get the rest done on Saturday. Ang said she would come over and help get some stuff ready and take some stuff to her house for me so we don't have to take everything on Sunday. That way we can go over their school and schedule and etc. I have mixed feelings about going without them.....I am very nervous about leaving them and I am going to miss them.....but on the other hand Phil and I have never gotten to go away by ourselves and I am looking forward to having him all to myself. I am so excited about seeing Tori and Lanae' and the rest of the family. We miss them so much and I just wish I was WAYYYYY better at staying in touch. I try.....but it's just not good enough! Anyways, jsut a little update about what is going on here and I will try to post here and on facebook while we're gone. Love you guys!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Posting!!!

I'm sure you're all shocked and so very happy that I am finally posting again. I am so sorry but things have been crazy lately. This month is going really good so far. We are working on getting our house plans all firmed up so that we can start pricing materials and figuring out how much more we need to save to finish the house. I am very excited about it. The boys are all doing good and thankfully no one is sick right now. We always seem to have the little ones coming down with something and it has been so nice having them well. We had Natasha's baby shower on Monday and it went really well. I couldn't have been happier about that. We are excited about her baby coming next month. She only has a few short weeks left til' that precious little girl appears. Anyways, things have been going good. We are leaving on the 31st. for our Hawaii trip and will be back the 10th. of February. We are so excited and since we have never been away from all the kids together we are looking forward to it. It will give us a chance to talk about some things we need to plan for and just have a relaxing time together. I hope Ang and Mom survive the boys. They are such a handful sometimes. Well, I have to get going. We have lots to do today.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!!

I am sooo excited about the new year. I have some New Years resolutions that I plan on keeping this year and I am going to hang my little list somewhere where I will see it each day to make sure that it happens. We had a great time with everyone that came for Christmas and it is a little depressing since they left. Phil and I are leaving in thirty days to go to Hawaii again. Just me and is going to be so much fun. We've never flown by ourselves anywhere. The boys are going to stay with their Auntie Ang and Uncle Josh for five days and then with Allen and Natasha the other five days. They are excited about it too. We can't wait to see the Clarks and have some quality time together too. I hope you all have a wonderful day and just for fun here's my list of New Year's resolutions....

1. Become closer to the Lord through Daily devotions and Prayer time each day!
2. Workout consistently and get into matter what the scale says!!
3. Have a date night once a month with Phil!
4. Spend more quality time with the boys together and one on one!
5. Be a better wife.
6. Be a better mom.
7. Send Birthday cards even if they're late!
8. Call my parents more often.
9. Have a better schedule!
10. Save more money on a better budget!

I know these don't seem all the challenging but believe me for me they are!! I can't wait to have a busy and productive New Year! I am excited and can't wait to see what the Lord does in our lives this year! Love you all!!