Monday, July 19, 2010

Reuben's 2nd. Birthday!!

He was doing really good yesterday!
I love this expression
My guys! Their SO cute!

He sure enjoyed his cake and ice much he had some of mine too....I was thankful!

Good picture of these two!!

He put his new training pants on!!
New clothes !! They're really cute!
His balloon from Josh and Ang was his favorite present.....and the boys too!!

I just love holding her....she's such a sweetie!!!

Look at how she smiles for Mommy!!!

So, my baby boy turned 2 yesterday! I can't believe how fast the time flies . He is such a sweetie though......he keeps us smiling SO much. He was so cute at his party!!! He got M&M's from Mom and Dad, gummy bears and a sucker from Josh and Ang, potty training pants from Granddad and Grammie and some new clothes from Nana and Papa! He also got some money in the mail! Here's a few pictures from the party!! Oh, and he got some cars from Allen, Natasha, Fritz and Kate!

Monday, July 12, 2010

House Building- Trusses

Upstairs....Jesse claimed this room
The next room will be my sewing room/ the guest room
My bathroom and bedroom
The office
Phil and his hilarious looks!!! They crack me up!
The trusses being delivered
I love this pic
The boys watching

The boys were downstairs

Phil finishing up some last minute stuff
The kids bathroom and the other bedroom....Jonny and Davy claimed that one!!
My hall closet

They had fun watching the crane put the trusses on top of the house!
Phil overseeing

The gable end of the house

They're up!!
Lance was SUCH a huge blessing...he helped out every day he could!
Josh was there as much as he could be! What a blessing family and friends are!!!
Bro. Dan Chace came and helped too one night!

Spaghetti at the land!!
So, I know there's a lot of pictures but it was so cool!!! The guys got the roof sheeted and tar papered last night and didn't get home until about three this morning. Then Lance and Phil still had to get up and get to work around six. They're gonna be tired tonight. I am going to go take some pictures of the roof soon!! HOpe you guys don't get too bored of my house project posts!!! I'm sure not!