Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Can you tell I can't decide what template to use!!!!

You know I am not usually a very picky person...but with this blog thing I can't find a template I like. So, you will have to endure while I experiment until I find one that I enjoy. Well, things around here have been totally insane. We have been getting up at 5:00 in the morning so that Phil can get to the office by 6:00, leave at 7:15 for the police academy at 8:00. He has a one hour lunch break so he can get more work done. Then he usually tries to go back to the office for a little while after class gets out at 5:00. When he got home last night we worked on Reb's truck. ARGGGGG!! That thing is a major pain. I can' t believe Phil has the patience for things like that. Well, usually he does. He didn't have a whole lot last night. I think he was ready to push it off a cliff. I thought it was humurous to just stand back and watch. Although I don't think he thought that was very funny. He is really cute when he's mad. At least when he's not mad at me. (: The boys have all been sick...big surprise....Jesse is also teething which makes motherhood sooooo fun some days. I'm not complaining...not really....maybe a little....I love my boys but when the get up at six in the morning it seems like an eternity before nap time. Needless to say I need to go buy more Kleenex. I am doing pretty good. My birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe I'm only 24....I feel ALOT older than that some days. We're not doing a whole lot...just dinner and some REALLY yummy dessert that my friend Natasha said she would make for me. I guess you're not supposed to make your own birthday cake.....I have done that for the last couple years because I'm sure to get what I want...(: Well, now that you are all TOTALLY bored...I better go. Have a nice nap and day...Jenn


sourlemon said...

Sounds like you sure have been busy! Hope that things slow down for you, I also have been really busy with Jades wedding just now over and the baby stuff going on. I found out Friday that we are having a little girl. We are really excited. Anyway I will let you go,

Sunshine Seeker said...

happy birthday auntie jenn....late...just like my mommy....