Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sheep Hunt Success!!!

Our sheep hunt went VERY well....we left on Sunday afternoon and drove until we hit Ferry Trail. We fourwheeled in on a beautiful day and got into camp at around ten that night. By the time we got all set up and ate something it was almost midnight. We slept in the next morning and glassed a little for some sheep. We didn't have much luck that day and on Tuesday we got up at four thirty and glassed but didn't see any legal rams. We did see a group that later had some more and Phil thought we should go up and stalk. We left base camp at around six and by the time we got to the top and figured out there were eight rams and four were legal it was getting close to nine. Phil shot his sheep and then I shot mine. We had a long night ahead of us and to make a long story short we hiked back after boning and skinning the sheep and it was around three thirty Wednesday morning. We got about two hours of sleep and Phil had to hike back up to get the other sheep's meat and horns. We headed out around twelve thirty and made it back to the truck loaded up and left around five. We got home around seven almost eight and started packaging meat. It was very eventful.... Me on the way into the camp site
The caribou just run along side you out there

The base camp tent

It was REALLY froze every night and snowed some

Did I mention how cold it was...I was FREEZING!!!

Phil crying because we saw backpackers heading up the mountain

Hiking up the mountain

Getting closer

Almost there

Phil checking things out

Glassing for some sheep

Looking awesome as usual

Me glassing

Look at that view

My sheep

He was about eight to twelve years old

It was an awesome hunt and the sun came out just after we shot them

Phil's sheep was better looking

It was getting close to sundown here

Getting ready to start cutting......I hope you all enjoyed our pictures!! It was a very memorable trip. Everyone should try it!


rebekahdawn said...

Yay! Jenn, the mighty huntress! Love it...right up there with Lanae, the mighty alligator slayer!
My favorite picture is of Phil crying...ahhahahahahahahha!

blondevue... said...

What a wonderful time it sounds like you guys had! Your sheep are beautiful!
How many total days was you guys out there?
So happy that you and Phil were able to go out there!
It looks like fun!
I got my book in the mail. We can get started as soon as you want. :)
Love you,

Mrs.Lambert said...

i was so excited for you jenn!!!what an experience!youll never forget it will you?(:

Happy Girl said...

SWEET! Jen you have no idea how excited we all are for you guys. Dad Tori and I were all hurdled in his office looking at the pictures that Phil sent him. The back ground is pretty much amazing on the two with the sun coming out behind you.

Grammie Kim said... alaskan kids....

great job!

sourlemon said...

That is so cool. Man I miss hunting. I would here but my man isn't really into killing stuff like I am. LOL!
Love you!