Friday, January 21, 2011

Who Are You?

I Am...white!

I have a closer walk with God!

I Have...a wonderful family full of guys!

I Wish...I could be a stronger godly example for those around me!

I Hate...the feeling of failure.

I Fear…that my boys won't chose to live a godly life full of discipline and love for people.

I waterfall c.d. and the dryer running.

I Search...for stronger will power.

I Wonder...if I will be able to succeed as a woman after God's own heart.

I Regret...wasting so many years of my life living for the wrong things.

I Hubby!!!

I Ache...for the soldiers who are dying and going to hell because there's no one there to tell them about the LORD!

I Always...hate saying goodbye!

I hard and am tired.

I Am Not...quiet!!!!

I Dance...ALL the time....mostly with Natasha when we're being silly.

I the shower....good acoustics. I don't have a very good voice though.

I Never...drink enough water! I'm terrible about it!!!

I Rarely...have a moment alone!

I Cry...when I'm overwhelmed. It happens a lot these days. I'm working on it!

I Am Not Always...mean.....contrary to what my boys say....and some other people I know!

I just about everything....I don't mind as much anymore.

I'm lots of things.

I Need...the CAKE POP BOOK!!!! It is SO cool and looks amazing! It's a need....really!

I Should......workout more....I have been terrible....but I guess building a house and taking care of my family is just going to have to do for now!

Who are you?

(Feel free to leave me some comments answering these for yourself! Or post it on your blog) :)


Anonymous said...

Your such a sweet person. There is one thing I have never thought about you, and that's you being mean. Your the nicest person I know.... Next to myself.
Love you~

blondevue... said...

Loved this Jenn! Glad you did it.
It was awesome to get to talk to you last night! 7 weeks baby!!
And yes,,,we know you and Natasha dance all the time! You crazy ladies! Wish I had moves! Probably good that I don't though! hahaha, my family wouldn't appreciate my dancing skills!
Happy Monday morning my dear,,, have a terrific week!!

Anonymous said...

She used to be mean to me - she made me live in the basement!