Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad Days.....

So, yesterday went like this...

Con                                                                                                  Pro

Wake up to frozen water                                                                  Call Pastor and he knows how to fix it
Heater in my bedroom keeps kicking off                                         Have the sweetest brother in the world
                                                                                                          come look at it and fix the problem
Truck horn gets stuck at eleven at night                                           Nice neighbor kid who looks like
because of cold weather.                                                                   mechanic, knocks on door and fixes
                                                                                                          the problem.

I had a good cry after a long day last night. It wasn't just a few things that went wrong it was mainly my ATTITUDE about the things that went wrong. For the most part it was a good just had a lot of THOSE moments in it. It's funny how we could let a few little things ruin our day. Yeah, things go wrong........but instead of looking at everything and saying "WHYYYYY MEEEEE"? Why not say thank you LORD for solving all of my little problems today with wonderful friends and family! I have to say I have never felt more blessed than I have the last couple of months. I have wonderful, amazing, sweet people who have done nothing but take care of us. I can honestly say I have NO idea what I would do without you all. You have taken care of me and the boys so well. It has been a blessing and it just solidifies even more in my heart and mind that we are doing God's will. I have such sweet peace in my heart even in the midst of chaos lately.

Now, that doesn't mean that I don't have my moments with a bad yesterday. It just means that I have a good cry and thank the LORD even more for the things he has given and blessed me with. I may hate the cold right now but I am thanking the LORD for it..........who knows when I will get extrememe cold weather again?! I am sure everywhere I go there will be challenges......what matters is HOW I DEAL WITH THEM!! I pray the right way with the right heart.


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Anonymous said...

Sweetest post EVER! Your a truely sweet lady. Hang in there, won't be long yet!