Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday Letter

Dear Husband, I know you just left, but I hope that you have a great trip and come home soon! Dear Reuben, I desperately need you to be potty trained BEFORE you turn four! Dear Jesse, I am sorry I don't have as much time for you since I am schooling the older boys and constantly dealing with are doomed with the middle child syndrome. Dear David, There are no words to describe you other than you are DEFINITELY a combination of Josh, Ang, and Ty (what could be scarier?). Dear Jonathan, You are going to be the man of the house for about a year so could you PLEASE start being nicer to everyone?! Dear Dollar Tree, We are excited about our visit this week! We love you! I just hope you carry the items that I need. Dear Workout and Diet, I think you two need to get along more, the constant inconsistency in your relationship is killing me! Dear Self, you do not NEED chocolate, you do not LOVE chocolate, you need to end your love affair with CHOCOLATE! heart melts thinking about you!

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