Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Disaster!!!!!!

Well, we had a really good morning and then disaster struck. We wanted to get the kids something other than toys this year and since (I the mean one in the family who is supposedly the pet hater) we don't keep animals very long Phil and I thought a hamster would be the perfect little pet for the boys and for me.....the one who's going to take care of it. Well, we were all running around getting things ready and I checked on her right before we started opening presents. She was running around and having fun. We had hidden her in our closet since Saturday evening. We finished opening presents and the guys were off downstairs to start the frying of the turkey. I remembered....we forgot the coolest present of all...So Phil and Allen come up and I get the video camera ready and we let the boys open a hamster ball and a teeter totter for the critter. We go in the bedroom for them to find her and all that they find is a DEAD hamster!!!! We felt like the worst parents in the world. The poor little thing was sick and we didn't know it til the boys found her....needless to wasn't a pretty site. Jonny was totally heart broken and took all day to get over it.....Davy didn't really care. Anways, a new tradition of disasters in the McBroom household. Well, love you all and have a great day. Sprout


Mrs.Lambert said...

thats horrible!!!guess youll have to get a different one):

Kass said...

aww, how sad. :o( Poor Jonny. I remember when my hampster died. I was so sad. Anyways, hope you're having a good day! :o)

Aimee said...

Thats so sad! Could you post some pictures of your new one?

Lady Marguerite said...

Awww... That sounds just like Davy=o) Have a good day.

Heidi said...

oh no! that's so sad -
are ya'll gonna get another one?