Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Spring is in the air....lah lah lah lah!! I LOVE Spring and even more so Summer!!!!! I was so excited today to see that it was forty degrees and melting a little. The deck that we just shoveled yesterday is almost dry already.....YAY!!! I got my laundry done and folded and putaway. I got dinner made and already have plans for in the morning. I am working on small projects as far as cleaning goes. Phil got a whole bunch done yesterday. He helped me put up the bunk bed downstairs so that Dad can sleep on it. He got the shower caulked and the toilet siliconed. It needed to be done for about three years. He got the house free of webs and dust. He helped me move the cradle to the shed and put the crib in Jonny's new room. We moved Sabre and Jonny in one room and Jesse and Davy are in the other. It is working out quite well. Jonny will be on the couch for a week and Sabre will be upstairs with us but that will be great. We shoveled the deck and worked out together. We also got the bathrooms cleaned and vacuuming done.....OH,,,,and Phil made dinner which was delicious. He is the sweetest Hubby EVER!!!! See you all at church tonight. Love you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so jealous! there is so many little things like that I would really love to get done, but just can't seem to find time. So you have inspired me to get on it! I need to get a new set of blinds for the living room and put up, finish the tub in Harley's bathroom and clean our closets out "AGAIN!" I also need to dust EVERYTHING but mainly the silling fans. Ok I guess you don't want to know everything I need to get done on your blog! Love you and thanks again for the inspiration momma.

Mrs.Lambert said...

yay for warm weather!!!as soon as the bike path melt mckinley and i will be taking walks to see you guys often!!!!what did phil make???

Kassandra said...

Wow, go you! Sounds like you guys got a lot of stuff done yesterday, and it's so sweet that you did it along side of eachother. :o)

I can't wait for summer!!! Hope you have a great day! :o)

blondevue... said...

What an awesome day!!!