Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I know...I know...I know...

I just can't seem to keep up with everything these days. We are doing good just busy. I am working on getting my school ordered for the coming school year. I am looking forward to it than most times. We are enjoying summer to it's fullest. The boys have been playing outside non stop. I am hoping to get the view screen on my camera fixed so that I will be more inclined to take pictures. It is hard when you don't get to view them first. Phil is working hard as usual but with his days off this week we butchered an entire moose by ourselves and cleaned out the freezers. Last night we went to town to get a new fan for our upstairs and to buy food for our sheep hunt. I am sooo excited it is coming up so fast. Anyways, I thought I would update everyone on how things are going. Hope you have a great day. Going out to set up the sprinkler for the boys. Chow!


Happy Girl said...

Ten points for butchering the whole moose with just you two! I sure don't miss that. Goodness does it take forever. It is pretty funny though when I can talk story with the guys that try to impress you with their mad hunting skills and I'm like, uh, no, that's not how you do it. Haha.

Glad the boys are getting some outside time, that's the funnest! =)

Grammie Kim said...

You guys surely did make quick work of that moose! Reminds me of your mom and dad... :o) Always going 90 mph to get things done in fast mode. It takes Jim and me ALL guys did it in one evening.
I bet you are happy the freezers got done too. It is always a chore, but so exciting to have it done!
Love you.