Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love technology....

Well, Josh and Ang are on my AT&T plan now and Josh got me a new phone yesterday. I am officially texting. I love it because I can keep in touch with Heather and Bek for free and I get to send pictures of the boys to them. I have been having a great time with it. Anyways, I thought I would post since I was excited. On a bad note, Jonny was throwing up all last night and it looks as though Davy will be next. We'll see. Oh well, just keep plugging along the best we can. Other than that we are all doing great. Have a nice week everyone!!


Mrs.Lambert said...

i like your new backgrounds...its funny(:

blondevue... said...

ahhh man!! Can't believe they are throwing up now!! No fun! :(
Sorry Jen, hope you don't get it this week.
So glad you got texting! :) I love being able to talk with you. =)
Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

Oman i hope they are all better now.