Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, the last couple of days have been nuts!! I went to town Monday with Phil and got all our stuff for our Fall BBQ on Saturday. We are pretty excited about it since it's David's B-day too. He's REALLY excited! Jonny and I went to town yesterday because he had a dentist appointment and we went B-Day shopping. It was a lot of fun and I will post pictures after they get their gifts. We are doing a dual party on Monday which is Jesse's b-day. We have a showing tomorrow night and one was canceled we were supposed to have today so I guess that one will be rescheduled soon. Phil is on a different schedule this week so that he can have Saturday off. We have school everyday and a new chores schedule for everyone which is working out nicely and the house stays pretty clean this way. Also, we are hoping that the house sells so we can find a piece of land and get it cleared. It was snowing today!!! who knows if that will happen. Well, gotta get going so I can workout. Love you all!!!


Grammie Kim said...

Busy little momma! I am proud of you. Hope this will be "the" showing...

sourlemon said...

Busy! So glad that I read past your last post! So you already answered my question. Your building!