Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three More Days!!!

Well, we're leaving in just three short days for Hawaii! We are so very excited. I am almost totally packed and have been for about a week! I got some of the kids stuff packed and I will get the rest done on Saturday. Ang said she would come over and help get some stuff ready and take some stuff to her house for me so we don't have to take everything on Sunday. That way we can go over their school and schedule and etc. I have mixed feelings about going without them.....I am very nervous about leaving them and I am going to miss them.....but on the other hand Phil and I have never gotten to go away by ourselves and I am looking forward to having him all to myself. I am so excited about seeing Tori and Lanae' and the rest of the family. We miss them so much and I just wish I was WAYYYYY better at staying in touch. I try.....but it's just not good enough! Anyways, jsut a little update about what is going on here and I will try to post here and on facebook while we're gone. Love you guys!


blondevue... said...

Hey Jenn!
You do a pretty good job of staying in touch! I love your comments, and getting to read your posts, and thankfully we txt now sometimes!! :D It makes me happy, and believe it or not, I actually have been doing better on my eating/health stuff since I talked to you last time. You were a real encouragement. You always are!
I am sure you both will miss the boys while you are here, but they are in good hands! And its good that you and Phil get to come here and spend some time together just the two of you.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Have fun getting the kids packed, sounds like you've got it started good with your clothes already packed.
Have a wonderful day!

sourlemon said...

So excited for you both. Don't worry about the boys they are in great hands!