Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy Mom's Bible Review

I just got a free Busy Mom's Bible in the mail from Zondervan and I have been really looking forward to it. Little did I know it was a New International Version and I am a KJV only girl. I was really disappointed. It is really cute and little and it was going to be perfect for me. It has some really neat things in it that were added and I guess I will still look into it some but I was SERIOUSLY bummed it wasn't KJV. I hate when that happens. I wish they made the Busy Mom's Bible into KJV. So I hope they read this review and do it!!! That would be cool and I sure hope they send me one when they get around to doing it. So, there it review!


Happy Girl said...

Aw that is a bummer. :/ How is that other devotional going that you were doing when you were here? I've been doing my homework for FBI class as my devotion every day and it seems to help me remember more what I learned in class because I'm getting it twice. =) This week the bible reading is in Mark. It's always great to hear about a Miracle God performed. Oh and Genesis too. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry it wasn't in KJV I hate when that happens. What is this book about... Tell me more. Maybe I need to look into it.