Thursday, July 1, 2010

House Building....I lost count....

Andrew came to help lay out the stairs
He did it in like five minutes....he's really good at what he does!
The floor joists getting put in.
The bathroom in the garage
Reuben a mess
David and Jesse pretending to build the house
I just thought this was a cool picture
Josh and Phil putting the beam into the garage
They had a lot of fun working together!
Getting ready for the beam
Josh being silly
The guys brainstorming!!
Cutting out the hole for the door
Phil building another corner!
He never smiles when I get the camera out!
Josh working away

Dad supervising
Chubby came to help today too!! She's so cute!
So, here's pictures of the progress this week. I have been helping with just about anything and everything. I'm sure someday there will actually be a picture of me working instead of just all the guys! That way I can prove I was actually working!!Oh well, I sure am enjoying all the picture taking!!!


Anonymous said...

Getting artsy on the photo take'n!

Anonymous said...

It's looking like a house-Natasha

blondevue... said...

You have walls! :D