Tuesday, July 6, 2010

House Building - Framing upstairs

Friday......they were on lock down
Putting up the rim joist.
Steve Dutra....Phil's L.T. he came to help too!

The inside from the kitchen looking at the garage. The floor joist all on!

Monday- The two side walls up!

Tuesday- the boys playing down below!

Phil getting started on the wall behind him!

End of the day....well, when I left at least!
Smiling....what a miracle!
Eating their chili out of cups

The other two walls got set up!

Lance posed for me....he's so funny!

Garage end of the house!
Phil hard at work as usual!!

Well, there you go....a bunch of days in one post. I will try to keep up with pictures and posting. Hope you all have a good night. I am off to take a shower!!! YAY!!!


sourlemon said...

Jenn I just love your house update posts. Please don't stop!!!!!

Grammie Kim said...

Jenn, the house is looking SO WONDERFUL! Just think about how exciting it will be to LIVE in there!