Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy Busy!!!

We are always so busy these days. Phil gets up around noon and we head over to the house and work til' five when he has to come home, eat dinner, get showered and go back to work. That's after the kids and I have spent all morning doing school and chores so we're ready to go when he gets up!! We are getting things done though and that's good. Gabe has come over once or twice to help get the dirt work finished outside and so that's almost done. We are getting alot of the rough in stuff done and Josh is coming over next week to pull the cable and phone lines through. Lance is probably gonna come over and help with the plumbing and Phil is actually in town right now getting stuff to plumb part of the house. We are having some people come over and finish spray foaming and I am praying Phil will just pay to have someone come sheetrock, mud, tape and paint the place. It would save us SO much time and energy. We'll see though.....he's trying really hard to stay on budget and even though it would take us longer it would save us about eight thousand dollars. Anyways, we're doing good and I'm sorry there's not more to update on! I'll try to borrow mom's camera again and get some pictures to post!


sourlemon said...

So exciting... It's all coming together. Even though it seems slow, time will fly soon. I am so happy for you all...

blondevue... said...

Hey lady! Progress progress! Its all so good :)
Glad things are going good. Love and miss You!!
PS. Please jump in Angela's suitcase and come with her!!

Aaroneous said...

Hey Jenn, Just wanted to drop you guys a line to say Hi. I'm glad you guys are doing well. I miss your family frequently.

Quick update:
Dave and I are living together on south athena cir. we're doing well, dave is still dave :)

It looks like Jesse and Ruben are sprouting like weeds. One of these days you're gonna have quite a work force of little mountain movers. I really miss your boys and Daddy Mountain Mover especially. Tell them I said Hi.