Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Program!

We had our Christmas Program at church tonight. It went really well. The boys did really good saying their lines for their skit. All of them were so adorable. The music was amazing. We have so many talented people in the church. We had good fellowship afterwords. It was nice seeing people I don't get to visit with very often. Emily being one of them.....she's such a sweetie! Anyways, we all enjoyed it a lot. Phil wore his new suit so I dressed up too. I wore 3 inch heels which I won't be doing again. Those things are terrible! Anyways, I actually got Phil to take a picture with me! It turned out pretty good. I wish I was thinner show just how NOT thin you are. I like it though. So, I thought I would share it! Love my sweetie!


Anonymous said...

you don't have a double chin so you must be thin!!!--the sweater just didn't hit your arm at a flattering spot-you didn't look fat!!! And Phil knew he looked good in his new duds so he took a picture! I'm happy you had a good time and are enjoying your hubby being home!!Natasha

Grammie Kim said...

Two of the most beautiful people I know! Love you.

Mrs.Lambert said...

you look really beautiful in this picture jenn