Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I know I know.....

It's been FOREVER since I updated this blog! Things have been crazy and so have I! Life is somewhat nuts these days. Here is what our schedule looks like for the next two weeks!

Thursday- Me, School with the boys, the normal
Phil, All day at training and some sort of meeting in the evening.

Friday- Me, School with the boys, the normal
Phil, Work all day

Saturday- Me, Coffee at eleven thirty with Chaplain's wives
Phil, babysit the kiddos ( YES!)

Sunday- All of us....Chapel at 8:30(this is Phil's week to preach), Sunday school at 9:45 ( I am starting to teach...yikes), and then Phil has to preach another service at 11:00.

Monday- Normal

Tuesday- Normal

Wedensday- Phil and I are going to a company ski party at Crystal Mountain.
The only friends we have are watching the boys at our house for us!
Thursday- Normal
Friday- Work in the morning and then head to Phil's Strong Bond's Retreat in Seattle for 3 days!

So, it may not look that crazy to everyone else but you put in all the other little things that come up during the week and it's crazy! We are finally getting caught up a little on school which is nice. I am hoping to be done by the first of May. We are doing really well all things told. I am dealing with some issues with the kids but "What else is new?".

I am still running 5 times a week sometimes 6. I am not losing any weight but I am figuring out what does work. When I workout....I have to eat more....including carbs. When I diet and don't workout....I have to eat less. When I am working out and trying to doesn't seem to work at all. Of course, everyone has their opinions about that. I assure you I hear them. So, maybe someday I will get to where I want to be, but for now running consistently and eating less is pretty much what I'm doing.

Phil is a workout machine! He does amazing. He runs EVERY matter what time he has to get up. He does his push-ups and sit-ups and at least once a week goes to workout with the unit. I think that is going to become more and more of a normal thing several times a week. You have to drive awhile to get there from where we live on Post but he is amazing!

He has several of his commanding officers coming to his Strong Bond's Retreat already. He is excited and nervous at the same time. We are really hoping to build a repoir with the troops so that they will be willing to have a personal bible study.

We are also debating whether or not to move to North Fort Lewis ( where Phil works) or McChord ( where the chapel is). Both of those places are closer to where we need to be. Where we live now is nice but it is a farther drive to the Exchange, Commisary, Chapel, and Phil's work. We are weighing the options on that. The housing is nicer in those areas and there is more room. We would move from a 3 bedroom to a 4 bedroom. Phil will be gone for an enitre year so that really isn't a big deal. We might just stay where we're at for the time being. I am sure at the next Post we will put in more time and wait longer if we have to to get a nicer place and find out all of these details before hand. It is good to learn these things though so you don't make the same mistakes again.

Huh.....I don't know if I am missing anything. I am sure I am but oh well. I am working to save money to buy a laptop for me and the kids. All of my efforts thus far have failed. We NEED one for school and so I might just buy a net book. I tried setting up the desk top but the place we could set it up is WAY too far from the router so we couldn't get internet on it. Kind of useless without it. So, we will see how that goes.

I am going to stop boring you all with our life story. Just thought maybe some of our family would like to know what is going on in more detail than they usually get! We love and miss you all and are enjoying the work the LORD has set before us. We appreciate your prayers!


Grammie Kim said...

I enjoyed the details, Jenn! It is nice to get a little glimpse of what is going on with you.
I was drinking out of the pink/clear cup with pink straw today, and McKinley said, "OH, we need to give that back to auntie Jenn!" :)
Ang and I went to town with Lucy today. Man! We canNOT get done very fast. :) But we had a nice time, and got lots of stops in. (Value Village on senior citizen day, for which I now qualify...heh heh heh!)
I guess you have gotten word that little Rebekah Grisel is now nestled in Heather's arms.
We have GOT to chat more often!
Love you and tell the boys I miss them TONS.
♥♥♥♥ TO YOU AND PHIL ♥♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

I'm not family but I sure do love reading all about the adventures of the McBroom's! Hang in there girl. Life will slow a lil and things will become a bit easier. Love you!

Rebekah said...

Get the four bedroom. We're coming in July. ;)