Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on life......

Things around here are busy and getting busier. The Army life is good but it does keep us moving. We are getting ready to start the pre-deployment training. Phil is going to be gone a lot in the next couple of months for different training sessions. One is in Fort Carson, one is in Georgia, and then he will be doing a lot of things around here to get ready for his deployment in August. It will be here before we know it. We are trying not to focus all of our attention on that one event but it is proving difficult for us.

The boys are adjusting to life very well and have been making friends which is always a good thing. I have made several new friends and they are sweet hearts. I am starting to get together with some of them here and there so that is nice. One of them is a married girl Phil works with named Chasity. She is definitely a sweet heart and loves our kids. I think she is going to watch them this weekend for us for awhile. Crystal is another Mom I met at the Strong Bonds Retreat this weekend. Her husband, Chris, works at EOD with Phil. They have three little girls Natalie 9, Riley 5, and Madeline 4. THey are SUCH cuties. We are planning on getting together soon.

Crystal is good at photography and she is going to take some pre-deployment pictures of Phil and I. I am pretty excited about that. It will be nice to have pictures together before he leaves. We are getting some ideas together for how to deal with Daddy being gone for a year. I am starting to understand why Army wives' are the way they are. It is a sacrifice we all give for God and Country. I am beginning to have a deeper appreciation for my Country and a great Patriotism than I have ever had before. Funny how that happens when you have to personally sacrifice.

You will be hearing a lot about deployment from me.

School has a new schedule and it is working out VERY well for us. We start at 8:30 before Phil leaves for work with memorization of a verse, prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the Bible. It is helping morale among the troops! haha. Anyways, they are both doing extremely well. Jesse will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall and that will be interesting since I will be full time homeschooling three kids. That will be a challenge for me! I am sure it will go well!

We are going shopping this weekend to get some new things for Phil. He has ran out of clothes after wearing uniforms for the past five years. He hardly has any regular clothes. We are also going to pick up a few things we've been wanting. We have been saving money for quite a while now and thought we would treat ourselves. It has been several years since we bought some new things we've needed or just wanted.

Umm.....I don't really have too much esle to say. We are pretty scheduled in our daily lives. We go to bed by 10:00 and get up at 6:00 at the latest. Phil goes running every morning and as soon as he gets home I leave for my run. We shower and then all start our daily at about 8:30 for school and work. It is really nice and normal. Our weekends are sometimes not weekends...just more workdays but that's okay. We have a four day weekend this week and that is SUPER nice. I try to enjoy the time that I do get with my hubby. You tend to appreciate them more when you know they will be gone for a year! sad...but true! So , just a glipse of our lives these days!


Anonymous said...

Love hear from you! I am praying for you all with this deployment. My daddy was gone for 9-10 months once and it was hard on momma. But she made it and so did the rest of us. God provided all the way! I love ya girl!!!!

Grammie Kim said...

I love hearing about your daily life, Jenn. The part where Phil gets school off to a great start is FANTASTIC! I love it!
Enjoy your 4 day weekend, and hope you find the things you "want/need" when you go shopping.
Glad you are getting to know some of the people around there. Praying for you guys! Missing you.
mom and dad M

Heidi Wiles said...

So good to hear how well everything is going :) Makes me miis you all even more. Lots of love!

Mrs.Lambert said...

im excited to see the pictures im sure they will be awesome...dress like pinterest taught you how :P