Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Letter

Dear Jonathan, What would I do without you? You are my go to guy! Dear David, Someday you can go to a professional to get your haircut but until then thank you for not caring what your hair looks like! Dear Jesse, I appreciate you wanting to help pack but you just caused me a lot more work today. At least the room will be nice and clean for Bek and Jeremy! Dear Reuben, How I long for the day when you are past the fit throwing! You are wearing me out Goob! Dear Housing Office, Thank you for clearing everything up and getting me a house in two working days! Dear Husband, You might want to stop spoiling me before I start getting used to it! I have to say I'm lovin it! Dear Lord, Thank you for showing me how to be better used by you through your word and the amazing man you've given me!


Anonymous said...

So yall are moving?

Jenn said...

Yes....we get the keys on the eleventh of July. We get a new house on North Fort Lewis.

Anonymous said...

Great letter look forward to next week.