Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2 Days Left!!!!

Sooooo happy. I know Phil is too. Not all that thrilled about the usual. We are all doing really well...well, not Phil.....he's pretty sick. I guess I passed it along. Poor guy. He showed me some really cool moves the other day though. Defense Tactics. They're pretty don't mess with me. LOL! The boys and I are taking Allen and Natasha to the airport later this afternoon. They are going to Michigan for Thanksgiving. We are forcing them to spend Christmas with us. They are going to stay the night on Christmas Eve....we hope!!! Anyways, I am planning on posting TONS of pictures so prepare yourselves. I think the little boys should be on here all the time. I am also having Phil take some pics of me to put on here. I hope that he will do it. Good ones too. Well, I don't have a whole lot more to say. I had better get going. Love you all, Sprout

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Daddy's sweetie pie forever said...

Yay for you guys!
I don't think anyone would mess with you even if you didn't know all the moves ;o)
Yeah, poor Phil could hardly sing at choir. I was hoping I would be able to slip by without catching it but that was not meant to be =o(
So i've been drinking tea and I don't even like tea, but it's seems to be really good when you have a cold.
It's to bad Allen and Natasha can't come for our Thanksgiving, but I'm sure they'll have fun wherever they are.
The pic of Jesse makes me smile. He looks VERY pleased with himself =o) See ya tonight.....~me~