Thursday, January 10, 2008

Guess What!!

Yeah, you probably all guessed it. We're having a baby!!! The Lord has truly blessed us....hopefully with a girl this time but I don't care as long as the baby is healthy. That is always my main concern. We are really excited. I am due in July and probably won't be telling anyone the exact date. It makes it a little easier on me....and everyone else for that matter. We have three days left until we depart for Texas. Can't wait!!! Anyways, it will be nice to be in some warmer weather for a little while. Well, not a whole lot else going on. Love you all, Jenn


Daddy's sweetie pie forever said...

I'm SO excited for you guys!
You always manage to have the sweetest most adorable babies =o)
Hey maybe you'll have this one on my b-day(july 11th) or maybe you'll have it on Bek's b-day. Either way I hope everything goes well and I'm hopeing for a girl too =o) It's gonna be so neat to see all of the different characteristics she's gonna have if this one is a girl =o)

Lady Marguerite said...

I hope you have a girl too=o) She would be soooo cute=o)She'll probably look just like you but be tall like Mr. Phil=o)

gramma Kim said...

~~~~~~beaming gramma~~~~~~~

Sunshine Seeker said...

the 23rd...the 23rd...the 23rd...!!!!