Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I couldn't think of a title....and I didn't want to. We are doing good...just trying to get some stuff done before we leave on Sunday. Mainly school work. Jonny isn't really behind but we easily could be if we don't keep up with it. I am really enjoying teaching him. Sorry I haven't posted any pictures....i'm being lazy. I don't really have time nor do I feel like taking pictures right now. Phil and I came down with a nasty cold and hopefully we will be feeling better by the weekend. The kids seem to be fine so far. We will see what happens though. Well, I am going to get going. I probably won't post while I'm gone but you can look at Bek's blog and probably see what we've been doing. See ya, Jenn

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Lady Marguerite said...

I have a cold too)o= The boys will probably get it the day before you leave=o) that wouldn't be good:)
Thanks for commenting on my blog:o)
See you tonight, Kluane