Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 2

Well, I failed miserably at getting up early. It is hard with Phil sleeping in late so that he can go to work in the evenings. I am working on it though. I got up and got my work done. I didn't have a ton to do but I am still working on laundry. Doesn't seem like it ever gets done. We did our family devotion and I am working on getting my personal time in. I pray as soon as I get up so that helps. I am working on getting my reading done earlier in the day too. Not much else happened to day except I got my exercise and shower. Talk to you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

jenn that is a great idea. I need to start praying as soon as I wake up. I have such a hard time making time for the Lord. It is sad concidering the time He always takes for me. I am striving to do better however.