Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Baking!!

So....I've been making Christmas candy this week. Yesterday I made peanut clusters and got my bon-bons made and in the freezer. Today I covered the bon-bons with chocolate and they are ready to give to the police department. I am also making some muddy buddy's with whole grain chex for our family Christmas party on Sunday. I have to wrap a few more presents and get the kids a few more things in town on Monday when I go grocery shopping. I am working on getting a few other things made this week too like fudge and almond bark candy. It's my dad's favorite. Hope you are all having a great time doing your Christmas baking. Good luck Bek!!


blondevue... said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks for the invite. :) I am so excited to see you and Natasha in February!
Looks like you have been doing great with all the holiday treats! They sound yummy! I LOVE muddy buddies!
Miss you, hope the Christmas party in NP went good! :)
Love, Tori

Anonymous said...

I am still hoping to get some baking and cooking done myself. Where does the time go?
p.s. I am in Aren's wedding in Arizona. We are all so excited for him. Josh B, Brandon, Kaycee and Dekota will all be there as well. Kinda like a reunion...

grammie Kim said...

When Jonny told Tyler that you were making BonBons yesterday, Tyler said, "Make sure you save me some!"
Jonny's reply, "Well, you see, the problem is that she made them for the po-LICE department!!!" SIGH!!!
Ty said it was so funny the way he was so serious about the situation!