Monday, December 15, 2008

The Psalms

So...I have been going through the psalms and doing a daily devotion book on the psalms with it. I have really been enjoying it so far and really wish Pastor had finished going through it. I made four loaves of bread today and two apple pies. We are having some in just a little while. I got my basket made for the Chinese Present exchange tomorrow night at Phil's Christmas party. The City of North Pole is having it at Pagoda so it will be a nice treat. Kim is going to watch the boys for me. Anyways, I am going to make Christmas Candy tomorrow. I am making little gifts with candy for the Police Department. The NPPD Chief gave us a ham for Christmas and I cooked it up for tonight. It was really yummy. Well, I hope you are all doing good. Love ya!!!


Amber Stevens said...

Hearing you talk about cooking this and that and going out being a treat makes me miss maturnity leave. I look forward to the day I get to stay home with my children and focus on the things that really matter. Some day I am sure that my dream of being a stay at home mom will come true.
Love you,

rebekahdawn said...

I thought yall already had a Christmas party?
How fun...Pagoda sounds SOOOOOOO good! I haven't found anything like their Mongolian Beef down here. :O(
I got the couponizer in the mail. I wouldn't have opened it but the stupid mailman crammed it in my box so tight that the package got destroyed and I almost couldn't get it out. So needless to say it was already opened. Such a cool gift!
We've got to get on the phone one of these days. I tried last week but nobody was home I guess.
Love you,

Kassandra said...

Oh man, apple pie sounds so yummy! :o)

Amber Stevens said...

Bek,,,, watch what your say about mailmen... I am married to one... hee heee

Mrs.Lambert said...

dude.i love your background