Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Well, today is my Mom's 45th. birthday. I am jealous that Josh and Ang and Mac get to be there. I wish we could be there too. Oh well, I am sure she is enjoying a wonderful day with them all. They are going to Fat Olives which is a pizza place down in Homer with AMAZING pizza and this chocolate cake to die for. I am going to go there when we go down next time. Anyways, my Mom is an amazing woman. She works harder than anyone I know and she is always smiling about it. She takes care of my Dad which is a HUGE feet in itself. She is VERY giving and can't wait to spoil all of us......and I mean ALL of us!! She is sooooo sweet and I miss her very much even being in the same state. I hope that you have a GREAT day and enjoy your grand baby girl!!! LOve you MOM!!!!


Grammie Kim said...

Happy Birthday, little buddy. Enjoy your special day! If Ang didn't think of it, I sent a card for you with her.
(cheap postage for me...)

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Mrs Lambert! I always loved you... And still do!

Anita said...

What do you mean by huge? Daddy