Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, so far it's been great having Heather and Alisa here. Alisa is such a doll and so cute and sweet!! I have been having such a good time with her. We are enjoying our holidays and working on getting all of our work done. I am working on making Christmas presents and need to go do some sewing today. I hope I can get some stuff done. Anyways, not much else going on. I may go on a ridealong next week with Phil again and we will be at the Christmas party that night too. I need to find a babysitter. I'll try to post some more pictures soon!! Talk at ya later!!


Happy Girl said...

Oh cool, I didn't realize that she was already there. Fun for you guys! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh fun,,,, A night out with the man sounds like a good time. I need to try that some time. LOL!
love you!