Thursday, October 6, 2011


So, I decided that I had HAD it with the whole potty training situation. I put Reuben in my room last night which was a transition. He kept me up A LOT but he didn't pee the bed all night!!! Jesse is in Jonny and Davy's room for now. Jesse and Reuben do better separated but it seemed my only chance at getting Roo past his, " I miss Daddy so I'm going back to acting like a baby, peeing and pooping my pants, stage".

I ended up cleaning that one room totally and putting all the church's things back in there so it is TOTALLY taken care of! I have been VERY busy today cleaning and packing and organizing. I have certain days where I feel more motivated to get things done than others. The house is looking nice today and it makes me happy. The boys are doing school, I did the morning dishes, ran some laundry, folded some laundry, we're going to get showers done today, clean out the new freezer( I've been avoiding that), packed all my sewing stuff away and decided I'm not going to get a chance to use it so I might as well pack it, working on a wedding gift for Shannon and Ty. It's turning out cute!

Anyways, busy busy. It keeps me from pining for Phil. it seems to be getting easier though. In some ways. I guess maybe just getting used to not having him around. He has been so busy the last couple of days I haven't talked to him much. I still get a text every morning and I am thankful for every little thing I get. So, that's our life in a nutshell these days!


Anonymous said...

Love it. I am so glad that Roo is doing better.... Love ya!

Grammie Kim said...

I am so proud of you, Jenn. You are such a blessing in ways you don't even know. Hoping the change will work for Reuben. And I am excited for the project. :o)

Anonymous said...

You're packing your sewing up?!?!
This was supposed to be your chance to work on stuff!