Thursday, October 20, 2011


SO, as you all know we are Daddiless for now. Things are going really good but we do miss him. The boys are excited about leaving for Nana and Papa's on Saturday! We are working on getting school done so we can pack it up tomorrow and get everything ready to go! It takes a lot of packing for 5 people.

We heard last week that Phil's deployment got pushed back until August which was a blessing!!! That will give us about 8 months instead of 4 months to get settled in. They said it could possibly get pushed back even farther! We have been enjoying the time wtih everyone that we have this week while my parents are here.

I have gotten a lot of things packed this week so when we get home from my parents it shouldn't be as overwhelming. The next couple months are going to go by really fast! Phil got my ticket to fly down to see him so my Mom will fly up here the 8th. and I will leave VERY early the next morning to see him! She will be here watching the kids the whole time. I am sure they will have a great time! We are finishing school up the first week of December...,..well the 2nd of December. Then I will have the last week to goof off with the kids and get some last minute moving stuff done.

So, anyways, that is our life these days. I downloaded all my pictures off my laptop to disc so I will have to take some more pictures to post. I will try to post some pics every night at my parents house of all the cool things we're doing. Road trip pictures are first on the list!

So see ya later for now!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun, I love you!