Monday, October 22, 2007

9 weeks down....4 to go!!!

So, we are almost done. I can't wait. I get to go to Phil's graduation on Nov.16th. I will try to take some pictures with my new digital camera. I haven't gotten it yet but it's on sale this week and Phil is going to pick it up for me. I'm pretty excited. My parents gave me money for my birthday to get it. They are so sweet. Well, everyone here is sick. Phil and I have been battling the stomach stuff today and the boys all have a cold. I pretty much feel like puking. I hope it's not the flu. We'll see though. Everything is going good here. Just busy as ususal. I ordered my pictures at Sam's on Saturday so you can all be expecting your pictures soon. Phil is going to pick them up for me this week. My Mom is going to leave on the 7th. of Nov. to go to Oklahoma. My Aunt Beth's brain tumor is really big again and they are going to do surgery on the 31st. My Uncle Chris is going to stay with her until my Mom can get there. She is staying for two weeks and then my Dad is flying down to Kansas City and they are going to meet and go to my Grandpa's for Thanksgiving. He isn't doing all that well right now. We found out he has kidney cancer. I can't remember what they call it. Anyways, after they visit there for a week they are flying to Seattle wher my Mom is going to have back surgery. We are hoping and praying everything goes smoothly. Please keep them in your prayers. Well, this kind of ended on a depressing note but we can always take comfort in the fact that the LORD is in control of it all. I am sure it will work out perfectly according to His plan. Love you all and miss you. Jenn

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