Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Six more weeks....YAY!!!

Well, we made it to the half-way point. I am surprised....it feels so much longer than it really is. Time never goes by fast when you want it to. It is fifteen above today and the sun is out. I don't know that it will warm anything up though. I would rather it snow than just be cold. We are all doing really good here. Phil is busy as ever and trying to hold down the fort while Paastor is gone. I think things are going just fine....though Phil will sure be glad when Pastor is back. The boys are doing good just growing. Jonny is doing really good at school and seems to enjoy it. Davy likes to sit for a little while and then get up and play. Jesse started walking a little more although he would still rather crawl than walk. He is sooooo cute. Anyways, I am doing good just busy taking care of everyone. Phil took me shopping on Saturday, Allen and Natasha went with us and we were gone ALL day. He took us out to lunch at Chili's. That was really nice. We just did a little Permanent Fund shopping. We got some things that we only get once a year and maily just stalked up on food. You wouldn't think a family of five could eat so much.....but with three growing boys it is amazing how much they can eat. We are working on getting our trip to Texas changed. Hopefully on Thursday I will change the tickets. We are waiting for Pastor to give Phil the o.k. I am sure he will though. I think it will be much better going in January anyways. It will sure be nasty here. It will also be slower for Phil that time of year. Well, I think I have rambled on long enough. Love you all, take care.

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Kass said...

When in January are you guys going? It's funny, becuase I'll be down there in the beginning of January too. :o) I'm leaving the 30 of December, and I Leave Texas on January 13. Anyways, hope you're having a good day! see you tonight. :o)