Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Only 13 days left.....YAY!!!!

Well, as everyone already knows....because I talk about it all the time....Phil graduates on the 16th. of November. It is really neat. I am going to take pictures with my new camera. I might even put a new one of myself on here. We'll see. Maybe I can convince Phil to take my picture today. Things are going pretty good. The boys are REALLY sick. I can't believe it. Davy is the worst. Jesse seems to be doing pretty good now and Jonny can't seem to shake a headache. The life of a Mom...so glorious. Actually it's kinda nice when they're calm and lovey dovey. Although I don't really like all the touching and coughing in the face. I know pretty soon I will end up with it too. Maybe working out will help boost my immune system. I started a couple weeks ago and I am loving it. It is really nice having some time in the morning to myself. Phil wants to start working out with me but I don't know about that. He wants to do it in the afternoon but I really enjoy doing it in the morning. It is a nice start to my day. Well, we are getting excited about the holidays. If it would snow more it would be nice. It is forty degrees out right now and windy. Which never happens. I would like you all to pray for my Aunt Beth...she is having surgery on Thursday at 2:00 her time. OKC. My mom will be there on the 8th. Well, I had better get going. I still have lots to do before Phil gets home. Love ya'll.


Daddy's sweetie pie forever said...

That's a cute picture of you. The one of Phil is good too since he's not doing his fake smile ;o)
I hope you don't end up getting sick too although you can hardly avoid it.....~me~

Lady Marguerite said...

Hi Mrs. Jenn,
That's a good "self-portrait". Whenever I try to do that I cut of half my head! =o(
See you tonight

Sunshine Seeker said...

hehehe....i love that everyone knows about Phils camera smile... :O)
I love your self portrait...you and jonny look exactly alike...psychotic. :O)
Love you!!
The pj's and cocoa await.

Sunshine Seeker said...

oh yes. DO NOT FORGET to take pictures of phils graduation! Since I got ditched for the class I want to make sure and see documentation of this important event!! :O)

Jenn said...

You got it...pictures galore!!!

momma kim said...

I love the new self portrait. I guess the new camera works well, huh? And I love that smile on Phil, too.
I am happy for you that the time is close to ending for the hectic schedule.

heather_for_dummies said...

hey woman! email me with the dates and stuff for your trip in January. And what all are you guys planning to do???
Maybe we can try to figure out when to meet and where and all that good stuff.

next time you all need to come down to my house too.... =o) after all, i have the beach. what does bek have.....highways? =o)
i mean other than susannah, of course......