Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I miss my Bek and Heather!!!!!

So, I thought I would write a special little something for my Bek and my Heather. I call them mine because I had them before their hubby's. Just kidding I know their yours but you could share every once in a while!!! Sheesh!!! Anyways, when the Holidays roll around and you start shopping for Christmas presents it makes you think of all your family. I am soooo happy I married into one of the most beautiful families ever.....and I don't mean just the way they look. I am talking about their hearts. So here goes....

My Bek,

Do you know how much I miss those girly nights of watching movies, eating Velveeta shells and cheese with chili beans, and drinking Dr. Pepper? Do you know how much I miss those sweet little races to the phone to see if it's Jeremy? Do you know how much I miss going gargae saling and to Wendy's with you? How much I miss the huddling together during another scary movie Phil made us watch? How much I miss the late night french fry runs? How much I miss the days you let me sleep in when the boys were screaming and woke YOU up? I just thought you should know that I think of you more than once a day and that I can't wait to spend some time with you. I love and miss you terribly and hope you forgive me for making you cry....Sprout

My Heather,

Do you know how much I miss our little argument? Our sleep overs? Our dreams of Hawaiin trips? Of talking non-stop about sitting on our porches, sipping lemondade when we get old and cranky? Do you know how much I miss our little coffee dates? Our sitting around the piano singing at the top of our lungs? The little tiffs we used to get into and how mad we would get at each other? Only to see each other the next day balling that we were so mean to the other? Do you know how much I miss reminicing about the paper flying out the car window and the dogs chasing you up the hill? I still laugh hysterically every time I think about it. I so do miss those special times of just sitting and talking about nothing. I miss you sooooo much and hope to spend time with you soon. I love you tons...Piglet

Soooo, I know this might not mean very much to most of you. I needed to do it and I needed you guys to know how much we all miss and love you. Don't forget that just because Christmas is over when I get there we can't still have some Hot Cocoa in our P.J's and talk about nothing.....:0) All my love and thoughts to you all. Jenn


Sunshine Seeker said...

I miss you too and can't wait till you come down.
Did you notice that most of our good times involved food? :O)
YUM! ;O)

Jenn said...

Yeah, all the good times involve food!!! I AM a Lambert...in some ways!

Kass said...

Jenn, that was so sweet. I know it had absolutely nothing to do with me, but I know how you feel, I feel the same way about some of my friends too, and it nearly made me cry! :o) Hope you're having a good day though. See you at church. Love you. :o)

heather_for_dummies said...

gee, thanks a lot.
like i needed ANOTHER reason to be a complete basketcase.

now i'm mad at you.


just for old time's sake.


Jenn said...

You can be mad....but I know you STILL love me!!!