Saturday, February 14, 2009


I'm so excited to be an auntie again. McKinley is beautiful and I have held her twice now. Ang is such a sweetie for letting me. I am sure she is feeling really tired about now. I just thought everyone would want to know.......i'm really happy for my bro. and sis. The grandparents are loving it too. Especially mine since this is their first granddaughter. I tried four times but what can I say.....the Lord wanted me to have boys. Anyways, we have been enjoying our visit and it has been fun. By the way Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! Hope your sweetie did something nice for you all. Love you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Give the new baby a kiss from me... Glad you finally got your girl,,, in a way... Love you!

blondevue... said...

Less than a week Jen!!
Can't wait to see you!
Love, Tori