Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Having Fun at our house!!!

Fritz and Reuben.....soooo cute!!

Jesse Talon Jonny my little man

Fritz and Reuben with their signatures.....the tongue and the drool :0)

Tasha and Fritz

Allen and buddies!

Allen fixing his car at our house!! Very unique way!

New pictures of Me....not very good! Can't seem to get a good picture of me!


Happy Girl said...

The boys are growing so much! That's such a funny picture of allen too. =) And don't worry, we'll be sure to take lots of pictures of you when you come visit us!!

Mrs.Lambert said...

aaaawwwww!!!soooo cute jenn(: i love all of them!!!you guys look like you were having so much fun(:

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the boys... I love you your hair... All these short hair cuts are making me get the itch!!!!
p.s. I am more than half way through my book... It's so good.

Anonymous said...

Jenn....what happened??!!??
You don't look like you're sixteen LEAST seventeen.

grammie Kim said...

Allen is such a crazy guy! He told me he was pulling his hair out with that should have taken a picture of THAT! :O)

Happy boy pictures...I love it.

blondevue... said...

Your hair looks great Jen!! And I like the picture you're funny!
And Natasha has a new cute cut too! Angela asked me yesterday if I was still going to get mine chopped off before I came home, but I told her I had chickened out! :o)
The pictures of the boys are awesome, I can't wait to play with Fritz and Reuben and catch up with you ladies in person. :)
Hey..its 16 days from today now! :)
Love you!