Saturday, February 7, 2009

I love my family!!!

I'm not just talking about my hubby and kids either. I mean the WHOLE family. Josh and Ang live close which is wonderful because I get to see them more. Ang and I hung out last night and had fun. We watched a bunch of chick flicks.....o.k.....only two but still........She left at around twelve thirty and I stayed up until two. I was trying to wait for Phil but he didn't get home until around four. He stopped by earlier to say goodnight. Anyways, I am so blessed to be around almost all my family. My parents at least live in Alaska and Bek and Jeremy are good about coming up. Heather.....well, what can I say.....she loves Texas!!! I don't keep in touch as well as I should but I know she forgives me. That's the great thing about family. Tyler went on a ride-along yesterday with Phil and Josh is going with him today. He is working some overtime so they can try to see some action. Not much action in North Pole though. hehehehe. They call him the ticket Nazi at work because he writes so many. I am proud of him for puttin his all into his job. He has more time with the family and that is a blessing also. Well, I am having a terrible time typing so i'm gonna go. Love family!!!!! Hugs!!

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Anonymous said...

Your such a sweet person! I wish you lived closer to me... But then you would not be close to your family anymore.. Ohwell this will have to do for now... Love you