Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, as you all know....I don't personally have sisters but inherited them by marriage. What a sweet marriage it was too!!! Anyways, I talked to Heather today and that was a HUGE blessing. She and I don't talk as much as we used to but I know Heath and I will be the kind of Mo and Kim friends forever type. It was really nice to catch up and plan on doing it more often. I'M SERIOUS!!! I talked to Bek yesterday and she is always a hoot and it is nice to talk to someone who is also overwhelmed by a two year old. I know it's bad but I always feel better knowing it isn't just me with a little monster running around. She will always be my Velveeta shells and cheese....whatever soda we're into at the time sister. Then there is Ang.....what can I say about Ang....she is always here when I need her and has been a REALLY great friend the last few years. We spend a lot of time together now and it is nice to have a little niece around I can spoil and eventually take on girl dates with me and her mommy. She's my Friday night girly movie sister and a GREAT workout partner. Heidi is a blessing to have around and she is always willing to babysit and give me a break. We have a good time together just chatting or she will always give me a back rub if I need one. She is and will always be my listening ear and someone I can count on to always be there. I just thought I would share my blessings with you all and I am learning each and every day to never take my dear friends and sisters for granted. I love you all and am also thankful for my sisters in the LORD!! I wouldn't make it through life without such great friends. I married into a wonderful family and I am so thankful for you all.

Those Sisters in the Lord that I love are named: Natasha, Dawn, Kluane, Laurel, Tori, Lanae', Kassandra, Laurie Clark, Kim McBroom, and many others. Thank you all for being such wonderful friends!!!


Kassandra said...

Love you Jenn. :o) This was a sweet post.

Anonymous said...

It's great having sisters. I am about to get another one next month. Both my sisters came over this weekend and died my hair!!! What fun times,

grammie Kim said...

I understand exactly how you feel. Since I had no sister, I have grabbed "sisters" all over the U.S. to fill the void.
I can't tell you how thankful I am that you girls all have special relationships.

blondevue... said...

That was a very nice post Jenn.
I love you so much and am very thankful for your friendship.

Dawn said...

Jenn, you are and always will be close to my heart and in my prayers. Your family is so special to me. Love ya, Dawn

Happy Girl said...

That's so sweet Jen, I know that I would not be who I am without my sisters. Thanks for helping us get to the airport this morning. =) You're such a pal!

Mrs.Lambert said...

im pretty sure you meant to put Natasha in the sister catagory(:

thankyou for what you said.funny how you and i have grown closer over the past few years,through trials and circumstances...i wouldnt trade you for anybody,thats for sure!!!you are truly a great freind and sister,and i appreciate the way youve been there for me when i needed you most...i hope i can be the same kind of freind and sister to you

Lady Marguerite said...

You have always been one of the Godly examples I look to, thank you Mrs. Jenn.
Love you,