Saturday, April 4, 2009


we've had it for a while now. The kids are getting a little bit better but we'll see. I feel a little better today but not a whole lot. The little Sabre kid is still worse than the rest of them but Davy is in second as far as bad goes. He lost his voice for the most part which is bad but also good since he can't get as loud as normal. Jonny is doing just fine and Jesse is just now coming down with it. YAY!!! sarcastically she says. Anyways, Phil seems to be holding his own and we are going to have some down time soon. Mom and Dad were here this week and Mom got sick too. She sounds terrible. We had a really nice visit since there was no Revival and we didn't have anything particular to do. I was sooooo glad they still came. I really needed it this week particularly. Well, I hope you are all doing good and just wanted you to know we are still alive. We probably won't be seeing you as often so I will have to do better about keeping in touch. Love you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope you all get better soon. It's one thing to have sick babies it's another when you are also... Hard to take care of people when your sick too.

blondevue... said...

Thinking of you Jen.
Hope you are feeling better.
All my love,

Kassandra said...

I've got it now. I told Tori that she gave it to me through Twitter yesterday. :o) Well, as I begin the sick journey, I hope you guys are getting over it! Hugs! :o)