Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pink Eye!!!

Well, Reuben has the pink eye....which after a lot of thought I realized the Clarks have probably had this whole time too and just didn't think of it being pink eye because they were so sick with everything else. Anyways, I took him in this morning to TVC First Care and got him some medicine. It helps a lot and it will heal quickly. I thought it would be best since the other boys will probably end up with it too. We were planning on coming to church tomorrow night but we will have to see how the boys are doing. I am tired today and have been feeling really run down. I got up early the last three days and it feels good. I am really sore and tired from working out yesterday too. I am going to try to motivate myself to get downstairs and do it again today but it may have to wait until tomorrow. I hope none of you other people contract the pink eye. I am sure I will have it soon since I am the one that deals with the kids so much. Oh well!! See ya!


blondevue... said...

Lisa thought I had pink eye initially, but since it was in only one eye I wasn't sure.
Sure hope the meds work well and that all the kids are feeling better by tonight.
Thinking about you lots, thanks so much for getting up so early yesterday and taking me to the airport. It was really good to get to see you.
Love, Tori

Kassandra said...

Hope Reuben gets better soon, and that you and the boys don't get it too! Love ya!

Grammie Kim said...

RooRoo's eye looked so much better last night! No doubt, that will make it much easier for you if the other boys contract the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I hope that he is on the up and up! I am so sorry you have to deal with all this sickness that floats around. Harley had a fever for the past two days and we are concerned she has caught the lastest virus! ugh,,, it's hard to keep them away from everything ain't it?
Love you!