Friday, April 10, 2009


For some reason even when I was little I have always loved Fridays. Now as an adult I love them for different reasons. Here are some of them....

1. It is the newly set aside day to spend with Ang and McKinley and even sometimes Josh!!!!
2. We only have one more day of Phil working and the boys doing school.
3. It is our movie night which is always a favorite around here.
4. I get to workout with Ang!!! One of my favorite things to do!
5. We only have one more day of baths until Monday!!! That seems silly but with four boys you enjoy a day off!!
6. No chores on Friday compared to the rest of the week!!!

Anyways, I know it seems silly but I love Fridays. Angela and McKinley are going to come over later and Ang and I are going to workout. We are going to get our showers done and eat dinner and then they are going to come with us to Revival services. We are then going to come home and put the boys to bed and watch a movie. I may even splurge and rent a couple!!! I just thought I would share my enthusiasm for Fridays!! Love you all!!!


Kassandra said...

Sounds fun! I'm sure you guys are going to have a good time tonight. :o) hugs!

grammie Kim said...

so did you have this idea of great Fridays before or after you saw my twitter? :o)
Fridays always symbolize freedom for a couple days, somehow. Even though my Saturdays are usually filled with shopping, cooking, cleaning, is just DIFFERENT from the rest of the week.
Enjoy your day with Ang.

Mrs.Lambert said...

sorry things didnt quite work out):

next week,its you and me sista!!! love you a ton,thanx for taking us to revival(:

Amber Stevens said...

Sounds great and I am happy that you enjoy Fridays so much! I love them too!