Friday, October 23, 2009

Phil's B-day!!

These pictures were from Phil's B-day Party...if you can call it that. We had church all day that Sunday and he had training. We didn't get home until almost nine and the kids didn't even stay up for apple pie. His favorite.....of course it has to have the crumbly top not the pie crust top. Tasha decorated with spiders since she knows he doesn't like them and surprisingly it was really cute. Phil even liked it. Anyways, here's the pictures we got.
Phil opening his one present! that was wrapped. He got peanut butter cups and spice drops from allen and natasha and he got a gift card to prospector from mom and dad.
I don't know if you can see but Jesse blew out his candle for him!

Jesse was singing happy birthday to daddy and jesse!

Phil's apple of them.
Well, that's all...hope you guys enjoyed it. I thought I would start updating more often. Love ya'll.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Hope it was a great day!

Mrs.Lambert said...

whats up with the spiders?!? phil hates spiders!!!

blondevue... said...

The apple pie looks good!
The spiders not so much... :~\ lol.
Happy Birthday Phil!

Glad you guys had a good time. Updating more Jenn would be awesome!
Love your updates. I just txted ya for your bean recipe. :)

Hope your having a great day!!